Eco Thank You Re-imagining reusable shopping bags
Eco Thank You Re-imagining reusable shopping bags

This project has already launched.

With the Eco Thank You, GingerB (that's me) has re-imagined the reusable bag and produced a reusable shopping bag that is truly an equivalent replacement for the plastic bag. 

A 100% organic cotton reusable bag. Fits retail-bagging stations like the plastic bag & moves you quickly thru checkout & out the door

The Eco Thank You reusable shopping bag is a solution that

  • Is sturdy, efficient, roomy, and can be washed and reused repeatedly.
  • Is 100% organic cotton; Made in the U.S.A. 
  • Has wide sturdy handles for comfortable carrying when loaded
  • Features two deep side gussets that expand for a generous capacity, easily filled with a grab and go functionality.
  • You can pre-mount one or more bags onto the bagging station
  • Breakaway stabilizer loops front and back allow the bags to be mounted quickly opened, loaded and quickly removed to access the next bag
  • Moves you and your purchases through check out and out the door quickly. 
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