Eco-Steam Room - Sometimes Low-Tech is Best-Tech!
Eco-Steam Room - Sometimes Low-Tech is Best-Tech!

Enjoy in the Privacy of Your Home!

Video with more information from the Inventor:


    • Low cost (will cost about the same as a good pair of jeans).
    • No Maintenance
    • Remarkably Efficient!
    • Perfect Temp in 1 Minute!
    • No Electricity Required
    • No additional plumbing
    • Non-toxic materials
    • Patent Pending

    Operates at normal Steam Room temperatures with minimum flow from your shower's hot water!

    • Will Install in 10 Minutes or less!
    • No special tools or skills required
    • Removable Mounting System
    • Folds down out of way
    • Easily Set Aside
    • Fits in any shower or full bath!

    Related Background 

    Steam Showers and IR Sauna systems have been enjoying great growth in popularity for health benefits - both physical and mental, and general relaxation.

The Problem(s) with a Conventional Steam Room or Sauna

    • High Initial Investment
    • High electrical costs to operate
    • Wastes time to warming up
    • Wastes electricity warming up
    • Wasted space, often displacing living areas.

The prices range from a couple thousand dollars to over 10,000 dollars plus installation and construction for home use while taking up valuable living space. Once installed they require a good deal of electricity to operate. They also waste time & electricity warming up. 

The Project (The Solution)

We've developed a system that converts an ordinary shower space (whether a shower or full bathtub with shower head) into a steam shower room, quickly and inexpensively. A universal design will assure that it can fit in virtually any shower or bathtub shower area, and can be folded down or removed when not in use. It will make enjoying a steam shower an affordable luxury - especially with its low price, easy installation, and energy efficiency.

  • We're Keeping it Simple - Function Drives Form

    From the outside, what we've designed might be described as a five-sided Shower Curtain with a zipper incorporated for easy access. Of course internally there's more to it. Part of what makes it work is a Diverter System. With no moving parts, the Diverter efficiently affects (diverts) the existing shower spray into a flow of hot water & vapor and disperses it throughout the interior (while protecting the user from direct hot water contact) and contains it. Other patent pending features will be disclosed when we launch at KickStarter. The internal temperature quickly raises to optimal steam shower temperatures.  

  • Reaches Optimal Temperatures in less than 1 minute. 

Once at the desired temperature is reached, the water flow can be reduce to a point that it is barely flowing. It's remarkably efficient!

  • ECO-Steam

    It's Eco-Friendly, and Economical. It requires no new plumbing or electrical connections, installs in minutes without any construction experience or special tools, and requires only a fraction of the energy needed for traditional steam showers or saunas. And of course it does not take up additional space in your home. 

    And it will only cost about the same as a good pair of jeans!


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