Eco Friendly non toxic Superior wooden pet toys
Eco Friendly non toxic Superior wooden pet toys

This project has already launched.

Amo Pet brand was started last year by 3 friends who loves handcrafts, animals and woodworks. 

We started on our own,  we saved all our money, and gave our absolute everything into this project. We tried to make our dream a success, however we had an unfortunate and sad event with one of the members getting sick with a life long illness. Our member needed major heart treatment and months of recovery. All the money we raised, was used for medical bills. 

We do not want to give up, we are trying hard to make our beautiful wooden designs. 

That is why we are reaching out for help. Not only you will help us to create our brand and products, but you will also help the small dealers in South East Asia where we buy our raw materials from.  We are hard workers: we work day and night and do not take anything for granted. We love nature, we love animals, we believe in honesty and quality.  We support fairtrade and ethical production. 


Why our products are better?

Certified Rubber wood from Thailand. Pet friendly durable dustproof Neoprene.  Non toxic. No heavy metals. No Formaldehyde, No MDF and No Plywood.

We only use Certified hardwood 'Rubberwood' from ethical suppliers from Thailand. 


Our brands name is Amo Pet,  'Amo' stands for love. From the first step of drawing our designs to making them by hand, we do it all with love and dedication. We had to overcome many obstacles, shed tears and give our all to get this far. 

We hope you believe in us and help us grow.


We are constantly working hard to find the best and the safest way to make our product. We experiment with many organic materials on our prototypes. 

The small  toys let dogs smell and find treats inside. 

Pet friendly non toxic neoprene. These strips of durable fabric can be made into a hiding mat, and also it's useful when treats fall out of the bottles. 

The bottom set has 5 different ways a dog can play and have fun. It will keep them entertained and curious. 

The full set has a bottle spinning toy which makes it a 6 way play toy. 

Pet friendly Durable dustproof neoprene

We are different from other wooden dog toy makes because: we use only high grade wood (no cheap glued woods) only organic and ethical materials. Our workshop is safe for workers. We have fair deals with our material suppliers from South East Asia. We give back to the communities we take from. We beleieve in safety and quality. We are very strict and do not cut corners. Our products are hand crafted which gives each toy an individual feeling. 


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