(ECO Friendly Fashion)
(ECO Friendly Fashion) "NaGitta Collection" Natural Dye Fashion with Tie Dye Technique.


My name Setyawan, I live in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I have a friend who is very talented in the field of fashion, Her name is Nadia Gitta Listyani. She is keen to develop natural dyes to be applied to fashion. She also has a fashion brand for the use of natural dyes, called "NaGitta Collection" Natural Dye.

With the talent she has, has several exhibition event which she attended, either for local or across Indonesia. Even the Government of the Republic of Indonesia through the Ministry of Trade and small and medium enterprises requesting her to always participate in every exhibition they held.

With the spirit she had, made me eager to give a surprise in the form of additional funds to the business, because I know she really wants to develop Fashion with natural dyes, especially for young people.

Hopefully with the help of all of your funds can help her to be more creative and expand her business to the international level.

You can send the funds through paypal to : r.setyawantriwinarso@yahoo.co.id

If you want to know more about this Eco Friendly Fashion or about "NaGitta Collection", please contact my email address at r.setyawantriwinarso@yahoo.co.id .  

Thank you very much.

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