Echo Tokyo Graphic Novel
Echo Tokyo Graphic Novel

About the Book 

Echo Tokyo is set in a cyber punk dystopian future, after a nuclear event left them cut off. To survive the pollution the populace moved into the skyscrapers. Building bridges and platforms between the skyscrapers in order to create a new city in the sky.


The city is now self sustaining with the elite rich and powerful residing in the central area of the city known as the 'Core'. Outside of which is the industrial factories and housing blocks of upper city. And beyond one finds the lower city and slums.


The two primary characters are Shizume Misaki and Light Keiji, two people with very different pasts whose lives cross as they are targeted by the dangerous men of the 'Core'.






These are the first pages in the graphic novel, however we have created more and we intend to continue releasing pages as the campaign continues and we reach our goals...


Digital Rewards

£10 = Receive access to the Echo Tokyo website so you can receive each chapter in the series online as it is completed.

£20 = In addition to the above reward you will also receive a digital PDF of every 'book' as it is completed.

£30 = In addition to the above you will receive bonus artwork in our behind the scenes series which will also be accessible via the Echo Tokyo website.

£40 = In addition to the above we will also be creating a 'Commentary' series called the 'Inspiration of Echo Tokyo' which will discuss and describe the themes behind the series. One book will be created for every Echo Tokyo book we release, with commentary on every page.

£80 = Dakimura Set: In addition to all of the rewards of the Complete Set, you will also receive a special 'dakimura' design for Shizume Misaka, which can be used to order a full size Shizume body pillow. (Two versions will be included, standard and Adult).

£400 = Special Character: In addition to the 'Complete Set' rewards you will also be able to submit a photo or description of a new character who will appear in Book 1 (the character may also appear in books 2&3, though this cannot be guaranteed) The character will be a 'special' which means he or she will also have a special power and be part of a gang.

Physical Editions

The aim of this campaign is to fund the creation of the digital series, not to fund the creation of a print run. However we will be offering printed editions at discounted rates for our backers once enough content has been released...

The printed editions will be done through 'Blurb' who have always provided an excellent print quality. All backers will get a significant discount on the physical book editions we offer. N.b. When the entire series is completed however we will look into doing a larger anthology print run.

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