Ebitration an Online Arbitration Solution
Ebitration an Online Arbitration Solution

This project has already launched.

Building on my remit to make complex systems transparent and user friendly, I am now concentrating on developing an application concerned with UK Law.

Research into the state of small and medium claims (for £25.000 and less) in UK county courts has revealed that given the high numbers of allocations to court, the number of defences that reach court on time, are heard and have judgements ruled upon is remarkably low. This could reflect a number of factors that are preventing defences; complexity would feature highly as would fear of loss and assumed high costs of bringing a professional defence. Therefore, as the statistics show, most defendants will settle either in court or out, despite the possibility of having valid defences.
Ref: https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/court-...

These statistics are quantifiable by the numbers of allotted court submissions or litigations. Given that defences are low, so it might also follow that a similar number of valid litigations are also low and for the same reasons, and I believe that an online application could exploit these statistics as a niche.

There exists already an online application to litigate, this is popular but is complex to use and invites litigators and defendants to complete to allocation and defence without the aid of professional assistance and where this assistance may be considered to be not worth the outlay. I propose to present Legal Arbitration as an alternative and have an online solution in development that would negate the barriers to consideration of a legal route in settlement for personal or business disagreements. This solution can be outlined on application from serious enquiries.

This application seeks to;

  • To steer claimants away from Litigation toward Arbitration by showing that the cost in funds and time can be avoided by fair and sensible solutions. The strap line is to be Don’t Litigate, Ebitrate!!©
  • To produce a simple and universally understandable vehicle to settle disputes in the shortest time frame possible.
  • To gain the trust of any party involved in a dispute, in order to expand client base (for legal firms) or, should Arbitration fail, leading to a case going to court (as a last resort).
  • To gather a transcript of an arbitration history for submission to a court should that arbitration fail due to the reluctance of any party to proceed after a fair appraisal and decision has been offered.
  • To make claimant and respondent fully aware that this transcript will be submitted to court as evidence of failed arbitration, therefore levering the case for a successful arbitration.
  • To make claimant and respondent fully aware that the results of any case that went to court would subsequently be exposed through the ebitration.com web site.
  • To filter out and therefore dissuade spurious claims or defences.
  • To expose through listings on the site frequent or stubborn claimants or respondents.
  • To raise the profile of participating Law firms as positive and forward thinking.
  • To exploit revenues that would otherwise be lost from potential claimants or respondents who, when faced with the complexity of the legal system, or who may be dissuaded by the fear of loss and extra expense, fail to escalate or defend their case.
  • To become as popular as www.moneyclaim.gov.uk .
  • To significantly reduce small claims in the UK and to produce a workable blueprint that can be expanded to include larger claims, both nationally and internationally.
  • To level the playing field and make law accessible to all that need it, even against large businesses or long standing disputes.
  • And to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the present court service system by truncating the need for large heated venues and the presence of personnel associated with the running of the system on any particular day.

What will the donation be used for?

Your contribution would help to enable access to Law to a much wider demographic through Legal Arbitration, when adopted as the norm ‘Ebitration©’ will become a household word that would stand for transparency and fairness in legal disputes, there would be no more threat of huge legal bills for relatively small gains and contributors would have shown that massive changes can be achieved by caring people.

The funding I seek to raise is to aid in the costs of the application development. If part or fully raised, the support would be vital in as much as I would have sufficient time and funds to conduct research, finalise design principles and begin construction of this solution to a test bed stage, after which I would then seek government grants to move forward to advertise and launch. I will of course keep maticulous accounts which will always be available for viewing to every contributor.

There are many ways that you can get involved in this project and all contribution will be very gratefully received. Any amount is welcome but if you can’t donate at this time, please spread the word. All contributors will be listed (unless wishing to remain anonymous) on the Ebitrate© Role of honour which will eventually be highlighted on the finished web site ebitrate.com and will receive personal email updates from me.

Thank you for reading this pitch, if you have any questions or concerns or simply just want to learn more about this project, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will send you my research and outlines to date.

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