easycuffs - an accessory to help roll up your shirt sleeves
easycuffs - an accessory to help roll up your shirt sleeves

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Use easycuffs to roll up the perfect shirt cuff on the first try, every time for a crisp, clean look that stays in place all day.

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Become an early supporter of easycuffs today to make looking your best quick and easy! Achieve a perfectly rolled, crisply defined shirt cuff on the first try, every time. easycuffs are versatile and work with sweaters, button down shirts, and blouses for both men and women

When we get dressed in the morning, we all want to look our best regardless of whether we're headed to work, school, socializing with friends, or on a date. At the same time, we want looking good to be quick, easy, and comfortable, because hey, we've got things to do!

Many men and women struggle to roll up the sleeves of their button down shirts, blouses or sweaters in order to achieve a perfectly crisp and neatly rolled up cuff. It can take multiple attempts to get the desired look (wasting time in the mornings that could be spent sleeping!), and often even the best rolled cuff will come undone throughout the day. Without help, rolled sleeves can look messy, wrinkled, unprofessional, and careless. 

easycuffs help you roll up the perfect shirt cuff on the first try, every time for a crisp, clean look that stays comfortably in place all day.

As someone who wears a button down shirt 90% of the time whether I am going to class, work or just out with some friends, I always roll up my sleeves. I find that the look is just right, whether I am in a professional meeting or going for a dapper-casual vibe. 

Even after years of practice, I can never get my cuffs to look right on the first try. I sometimes even find myself asking a friend to help if I can't get it right after the 2nd or 3rd try. This is how easycuffs was born. 

After sinking too much time into rolling my shirt sleeves daily, I was inspired to create a product that works as a back bone to help you create a perfectly rolled shirt cuff. It was equally important to me that this product would both ease the rolling up process and would also provide a more defined cuff, prevent wrinkles, and keep the cuff from unrolling throughout the day.    

After a year of product design, sourcing the right material, and testing for functionality, comfort, and durability, easycuffs is now ready for manufacturing.

easycuffs are a one-size fits all accessory for men and women that work as a backbone to assist you in rolling your shirt sleeves into a crisp cuff. 

  • Assists you in rolling up your sleeves more easily
  • Delivers a clean, crisp cuff on the first time, every time
  • Enhances definition of your shirt cuff
  • Stays in place all day without unrolling
  • Goes unnoticed during wear 
  • Comfortable and flexible for all-day wear
  • One size fits all
  • Fits in your wallet for on-the-go storage

easycuffs are - you guessed it - easy to use!

Once easycuffs are applied to the unrolled shirt cuff, they act as a back bone which helps to roll up the cuff smoothly and evenly resulting in a cleaner look, a cuff with less wrinkles, and greater cuff definition. 

 How do easycuffs work

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