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RACE FOR THE TOP (#RACE4TT) is the first reality TV series that highlights the crowdfunding heroes (you), the entrepreneurs, and their businesses, that rely on crowdfunding to make their dreams a reality.
The show is a collaborative effort between e360tv and our partners: award-winning production company NBTV Studios, crowdfunding community kulaBrands, and several media distributors.Featuring host Jeff Hoffman, serial entrepreneur from Priceline.com, Ubid.com, co-founder kulaBrands, and other renowned companies, we will explore the stories of the incredible people involved in the crowfunding movement, their journeys, and the unparalleled resolve it takes to succeed. It's a production with broadcast quality that rivals Shark Tank and The Profit.



Supporting RACE FOR THE TOP is a phenomenal opportunity to help highlight the effects of crowdfunding in the success of entrepreneurs and the value that this activity has been able to create over the past eight years. RACE FOR THE TOP will showcase the effort, struggles, celebrations and the victories, for the crowdfunding entrepreneurs that you are supporting as they stake their futures on the success of their projects.  You will get an inside view of what it takes to create, run, and fulfill on a campaign's promises. This show not only highlights those that dare to dream but also, amplifies the crowdfunding movement through modern, digital media. THE MORE SUPPORT WE RECEIVE, THE MORE EPISODES WE CAN PRODUCE AND THE MORE PROJECTS WE CAN HIGHLIGHT AS THEY ARE "RACING FOR THE TOP"!

 According to MIT Professor Eric von Hippel, "crowd funding is an important contributor to the democratization of innovation – the biggest paradigm shift in innovation since the Industrial Revolution.


Geared toward audiences who live in the mainstream, but whose hearts and minds are on the fringe, e360tv is a new on-demand network that will be available on all screens including Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, Chromecast, IOS/Android and the whole world of Internet streaming. 


This is where things get really exciting. e360tv’s proprietary platform adds dynamic interactivity to your viewing experience by fusing binge-worthy programming with social media, e-commerce and experimental technology for an immersive, lean-back experience that brings your screen time to life. You won’t be looking at your phone while you watch your TV anymore. You’ll be watching, sharing, commenting, connecting, chatting, shopping, and reading all on one screen. And with our smart tech, you can of course watch shows on-demand, and you’ll actually even have your own personalized program feed based on your engagement and ratings.  

Our original productions and unique collections of content encompass progressive thought, alternative sports, sustainability, the arts, consciousness, holistic health, smart humor, and multiple other topics that are among the shared passions of emerging audiences like you. We will take you around the world and into your own backyard for edutainment and entertainment that will leave you inspired and enlivened. And we’ll do it unlike you’ve ever seen before. We’re inviting you to be part of the birth of a comprehensive experience that will soon be the way the world interacts with media.


The funding threshold of $40,000 is our first step towards achieving our goal of breaking ground on the first episode of RACE FOR THE TOP. Normally, a production like this will cost $60,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce. However, the partners and contractors we’ve brought together for this project are putting their time and resources into the first episodes of RACE FOR THE TOP at no charge or a reduced rate because they believe in the vision and the philosophy of crowdfunding to help entrepreneurs change the world for the better.   

Upon reaching our funding goal, we will go right into our pre-production phase that will entail picking locations and the companies that will be highlighted in each episode. Shortly after, we move into the production phase that includes coordinating the companies and characters for each episode and filming the episode(s). Next, we move into post-production phase that includes editing the footage and adding interactive overlays that will bring the episodes to life! Lastly, we add to the e360tv show line-up and via social and digital advertising networks, we promote and market the show to millions.  

    Our potential audience is 12-15 million!


e360tv is hosting its inaugural Modern Media Conference 2017 in Los Angeles for entrepreneurs, new media professionals and content producers. This is an event where you will discover, learn and meet people who will help you achieve new heights in your business by showing you ways to build content, sell your ideas, and make connections. Join us for this entertaining and informative multi-day event that will introduce you to the benefits of Modern Media and prepare you to engage with your community and the world in ways that you never dreamed of. You’ll have access to value-packed seminars, panel discussions, and opportunities to speak one-on-one with potential partners who are successful digital marketers and content producers.


Jeff Hoffman  

A proven CEO, worldwide motivational speaker, published author, Hollywood film producer, and a producer of a Grammy-winning jazz album. Co-creator of Priceline.com, partner in kulaBrands, Inc., and founder of multiple startups. Jeff serves on the boards of companies in the US, Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia, supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses in more than 150 countries.  

Peter Gantner

A lifelong serial entrepreneur, outstanding inventor and business leader, featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, Fortune Magazine and in every major newspaper. In 1999, Peter’s flagship company, Toy Craze got on Entrepreneur Magazine’s fastest growing companies list, with sales exceeding $16M. His marketing genius resulted in a 60 million piece McDonald’s Happy Meal promotion. Peter has developed a unique and innovative Crowdfunding platform, “kulaBrands" and is currently involved with the launch of several innovative products.  

Nick Buzzell  

Nick's passion to create innovative media experiences across multiple platforms led him and his partners to create the next generation media company: NBTV Studios. Since NBTV Studios inception in 2008, Nick and his team have established a rapidly growing B2B and B2C media brand that stands for quality, innovation and diversity.  

Jake Strasser  

Jake has written for some of the largest online publishers in the industry, including Barstool Sports, Break.com, Bleacher Report, and more. Furthermore, Jake has an extensive portfolio in TV development, having produced shows for Renegade 83 Entertainment and Magilla Entertainment.  

Aggie Kobrin  

Aggie is the founder and director of CEC Global Events, an event and media management company that has produced extraordinary results. She has been a creative force on several independent films and television programs that have included concept development, talent acquisition, event launches, and film and book distribution. With more than 15 years in the events industry, with projects in film and every aspect of media, she brings expertise, experience and creativity.  She has worked on dozens of very successful Crowdfunding projects (and many not so successful) and launched two Crowdfunding Portals with partners.   

Aaron Heimes  

Aaron is a business and project development leader that specializes in start-ups. This includes developing, testing and executing strategies in areas of marketing, sales, public relations, web design, social media and fulfillment. These strategies include identifying targets audience(s), designing sales approach, sales assets and Aaron has extensive experience with multiple sales channels inclusive of direct-to-consumer, wholesale and distribution sales. Aaron holds a Bachelors in Business Management and two MBAs in Energy and Project Management.

Q and A

When is the event?  

The event is Friday, October 20, 2017 thru Sunday, October 22, 2017 at the LAX Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Los Angeles, CA.

Can I bring a guest?  

All participants must purchase a ticket but the more the merrier.

Are meals included?  

Meals are not included in the purchase of a ticket.

When will the network be live?  

October 20, 2017 is the scheduled hard launch date.

How can I watch it?  

From any viewing device that is connected to the internet including, but not limited to, Android/IOS devices, PC/laptop, internet-connected TVs including Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire.

Will you be adding programs to it on a regular basis?  

Yes, this is an ongoing process based upon audience preferences and trends.

When will the show air?  

Estimated release is December, 2017.

How can I get on the show or in the studio audience?  

If you are a company that would like to be highlighted on the program, please email us at aheimes2287@gmail.com.

What is kulaBrands and how do I join if interested?  

Check out the site at https://kulabrands.com/

What will I get out of going?  

Join us for this entertaining and informative multi-day event that will introduce you to the benefits of Modern Media and prepare you to engage with your community and the world in ways that you never dreamed of. You’ll have access to value-packed seminars, panel discussions, and opportunities to speak one-on-one with potential partners who are successful digital marketers and content producers.

When will I get my gift bag?  

Estimated delivery date is October, 2017.



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