e-Waste Buster --Smartest High Voltage Protection
e-Waste Buster --Smartest High Voltage Protection

This project has already launched.

Hi, like other kids I love electronic gadgets from my childhood, but I struggle to buy a new gadget from my savings and hate my life whenever the gadget becomes faulty, then I learned to fix it and had a dream of Inventing a gadget which last for 100 years.

Few years before I was able to understood the reason for less durability of devices and its source.

Do you know the devices which are completely powered by battery are more durable than one which are connected to electrical power grid ?

Yes stable and clean voltage triples the lifespan of all electrically powered device, using this information I made a research on traditional high voltage protection technology, finally discovered the core reason for less durability and reason for acceleration of e-waste generated globally.  

Then I have Invented a novel device called e-Waste Buster, first version it was tested and certified at IIT Madras, e-Waste Buster was selected as one best Innovation at UNIDO GCIP (Global Cleantech Innovation Programme) 

e-Waste Buster

Smartest Hybrid Protection Device

Filters & Regulates Temporary Over Voltage -- Unsafe Voltage  Cutoff -- High Current Cutoff & Neutral Fault Cutoff -- Advance Safe Spike Protection  

e-WasteBuster is an Eco-friendly, compact and low cost device capable of reduce 20 % e-waste of future.

Freshelectron award winning startup focused on green innovations, we have invented a hybrid voltage protection device based on new discovery and novel technology, it is capable of reduce 20 % e-waste of future, three time durability for your electronics and electrical devices so it improves productivity, saves thousands of dollar and time.


New Discovery about e-Waste

No any viable and clean innovation in high voltage protection for past 30 years !!

High voltage event and neutral fault event are most common electrical line fault event, but the technology found in today electronics and electrical devices are more sophisticated than ever before and very sensible to this temporary over voltage and neutral fault event, so they get wear off and easily damaged by this events.

The  faulty devices with simple problem are hard to fix because we are in lack of manpower with level of expertise and technical proficiency to repair most of these high-quality products, so it becomes the e-waste. 

High Voltage Fault Event  are classified into Temporary Over Voltage (TOV)  and Very High Voltage like spike event with different characteristics.

A Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) is the key component used in almost all electronic & electrical devices to protect from high voltage fault condition, but traditional MOV  based high voltage protection technology are only capable of protecting from spike and it actually degrade and damage your devices on Temporary Over Voltage events, so it don't have a right technology to protect from Temporary Over Voltage event and provide incomplete protection.

So in traditional high voltage protection they use MOV with very low clamping voltage to decrease the damage and shutdown the system completely, this make the system unstable  the protected device becomes dead or e-waste soon.

Important thing to consider is this Temporary Over Voltage event is more frequently occurring event than spike, it the one which makes your smartest devices degrade and dead in short life!

So apart from obsolete technology more than 50 % of e-waste are created by traditional high voltage protection technology,  we are the first to address this hidden issue about e-waste and incompleteness in traditional high voltage protection technology.

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