E-Ink wallet - The next generation wallet
E-Ink wallet - The next generation wallet

This project has already launched.

The E-Ink wallet allows consumers unprecedented personalization of wallet design. The beauty of the E-Ink wallet is that you can effectively have a feeling of using unique wallet every single day without using same boring style. The E-Ink wallet will guarantee that you are always unique among your friends.

The built-in GPS tracker also makes it possible for you to locate it anywhere in the world.

  • The innovative E-Ink displays allow you to customize the look and feel of the wallet via Bluetooth, with custom patterns or pictures. 
  • Different individual pictures can be set on each screen simultaneously.
  • E-Ink display only consumes battery power during the picture updating process.
  • Complete flexibility means your wallet can bend in your back pocket without damage.
  • The screen’s transparent resin coating prevents scratching and improves durability.

The built-in GPS tracker with its pre-installed sim card, allows you to track your wallet anywhere anytime, without the usual distance restrictions of conventional Bluetooth trackers.

The built-in ringer will alert you when your wallet moves beyond 100 feet from you, ensures you never loose your wallet again.

The built-in battery pack has the energy capacity to change up to 10000 pictures from one full charge.

Depending on the number of image updates and activation of Bluetooth tracking, a full charging cycle will last from 3 to 6 months. To conserve power, Bluetooth will be used within a 100 feet distance and if the wallet or connected phone goes beyond that, GPS will be enabled automatically.

The easy to attach magnetic USB 3.0 charger is included. The tiny, slim charger is stored in the wallet, eliminating the need for bulky, external chargers.

The charger is compatible with USB ports on laptop, power banks, and other conventional charging devices. With fast charging feature, battery will be fully charged in just 20 minutes.


The user-friendly mobile app (for Android, iOS and Windows mobiles) allows you to download your favorite designs, and set them on your e-ink wallet immediately, track location, get alerts and check the battery status of wallet, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

E-ink Wallet made from 100% genuine premium leather, hand-made with precision and attention to detail for durability and offers a classic style without compromising the purpose of the basic wallet. 

It satisfies the conventional purposes of a wallet with storage for coins and notes, up to four credit cards and one ID card, flash drives and its custom USB charger.

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