Dyslexia book, How To Write at the University Level, Free Course
Dyslexia book, How To Write at the University Level, Free Course


If I had students write about the pictures in your book on the college level, as a final sentence/description I would expect something like:


Please describe the leg/foot coverings of the Revolutionary war soldier.


The first article of clothing a revolutionary War soldier would have is a good woolen stocking, probably handmade by his family but perhaps machine knitted.  Over his foot he would wear black leather shoes.  As protection for his, shoes, ankles and lower leg, he would wear leather lace up or button gaiters.

While working with the Research Foundation of the State University of NY, I directed a team that developed a program that has been proven to substantially improve the writing skills of highly motivated high school dyslexia students. 

Prior to using the program, the students writing skills would be typically 3 to 4 grade levels below their general education peers. After participating in the program, their writing skills would improve to reach the 30th to 70th percentile of entering graduate students as measured by the Graduate Record's Analytical Writing Section. 


The New York State Senate and The State University of New York Center at Buffalo covered the funding for this project.  However, over the past several years I have found that parents need a program that they can teach to their children directly.  For this program I am working with The State University of New York at Albany to teach parents of dyslexic students to teach their children to write at the first year university level.  


The program will be simple, three sentence’s for each Kindle book.  However, while this appears to be simple it is quite difficult for dyslexic students.  My research has found that dyslexic students need to work on a small amount of material to the point of mastery.  They can then use this new knowledge successfully on other writing projects.


The program will be free, creating several Kindle books.  Why free?  Due to the hard economic times we are in parents to be able to help their dyslexic children without worrying about the cost.  I wish to give back to the world, to help others as others have helped me.  I am asking for your support, even $1 will be much appreciated.


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