Dynamic® Sports Development Presents OTC Orthotic Performance Insole via our Kickstarter Campaign.
Dynamic® Sports Development Presents OTC Orthotic Performance Insole via our Kickstarter Campaign.

This project has already launched.

Question- Do you suffer from foot pain, arch pain, Plantar fasciitis, or even Diabetic Neuropathy? Answer- Dynamic® Performance Insoles!

Dynamic® Sports Development LLC, Las Vegas Nevada USA.

Dynamic® Sports Development LLC introduces the first over-the-counter Orthotic performance insole built to provide cushion and energy return, and relief from Arch Pain, Foot pain, Plantar Fasciitis, and even relief from Diabetic Neuropathy. (See our campaign at Kickstarter!)
Dynamic® Performance Insole are biomechanically engineered with a patent pending Carbon Fiber Reinforced Flex-Arch® support system allowing your arch to be supported and naturally flex at the same time. These performance insoles also feature Coolmax® top lining, AGion® anti-Microbial silver nitrate infusion, full PU and dual density impact point PORON® shock pad cushioning. Finally, Dynamic® Performance insoles feature a fully injected and carbon fiber lined Flex-Arch/heel cup for gait control/alignment.
Dynamic® Insoles outperform all other insoles on the market today, and not only relieve foot and arch pain, but help in the prevention of injuries associated with unprotected shocks and impacts traveling from your foot, to the ankle, to the knee, to the hip, and into the lower back.
• FLEX-ARCH™ Technology- Positive flexible arch support, reinforced with carbon fiber mesh.
• Full length cushion using high grade PU materials, pinpoint dual density PORON™ cushioning and impact energy return.
• Full injected arch/heel unit providing Gait and Motion control at every step.
• Coolmax™ for cooling, AGion™ anti-odor/anti-microbial silver/copper/ zinc treatment
• All of the above performance features create and maintain an "In Balance" system for you, your children, and your bodies- the "Machines".
• ALL of these benefits in an insole that is at a price-point that is at or below the competitors' less technical products!

How good are these Dynamic Insoles? Two examples

a) We had the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) do a review of these insoles straight out of the box. Their response was that the preliminary review shows that the Dynamic® Insole would qualify as a Medical Device- right out of the box, over-the-counter! Few if any others can make that claim.

b) Two of our styles have been picked up by Henry Schein Inc, the largest medical supplier in the country, and will be featured in their new catalogue coming out this month.

Our challenge? Breaking into a market controlled by 2 "brand name" insoles and show the market that existing "brand name" does not always mean good function, and bring them on board with these truly exceptional Dynamic® products. To do that we need effort, dedication, marketing and yes, funds.
You can see all of the style and category choices, and the technical and performance details at dynamicsportsllc.com and our Kickstarter campaign at: http:/www.kickstarter.com/projects/2008287220/q-foot-painarch-painplantar-fasciitis-a-dynamic-in

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