Dwarrows - An Adventure & Town-Builder Game
Dwarrows - An Adventure & Town-Builder Game

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Dwarrows reached the Top 100 on day 1 and was Greenlit in 13 days!

The peaceful Wood-Elves have fled their homelands to escape a great flood. The Elf Queen Solatia, aware of their plight, has secured some lands in a far away country and an old Keep where they can rebuild.

Assigned to help these woodland folk rebuild is The Royal Company of Colonizers, an elite group of expert gatherers and builders. Three of the most storied of these colonizers have been chosen for this mission, The Dwarf: Dwilben the Gatherer, The Gnome: Gloia the Builder, and The Halfling: Horbir the Explorer.

Dwarrows is a peaceful Town-Builder that borrows from the Action Adventure genre.

Placing a Windmill in town


Take control of three uniquely skilled characters to leave the confines of the town, explore the lush forest surrounding it, and work together to solve puzzles.

Some wild bluebirds in the woods

Gather resources to build your town, invite the wandering elves to join it, and discover treasures within the ruins of a forgotten civilization.

The Dwarf chops down a tree for wood




  • Explore, quest, and puzzle through a peaceful and atmospheric world
  • Play as three uniquely skilled characters
  • Discover new town structures, characters, and treasures
  • Build your town and balance resources and expansion
  • Gather resources to supply your town and townsfolk to live in it
  • Use ancient artifacts to boost character abilities and town productivity
  • Unlock new structures for your town by combining blueprints


Dwilben’s role in the mission is to gather the natural resources needed to help the wood-elves build a new colony.

  • Cuts down trees to collect wood resources
  • Mines gold and stone resources
  • Carries large explosives to open blocked or hidden passageways

Gloia’s role in the mission is to assist the wood-elves by helping them design and build town structures and the colony as a whole. She also excels at repairing anything that might be broken.

  • Repairs and builds structures
  • Designs new town structure blueprints
  • Blocks projectiles and falling debris with her shield

Horbir’s role in the mission is to assist the wood-elves in exploring the new land and findingwhatever treasures hidden within to finance the rebuilding of their civilization.

  • Detects hidden treasures
  • Quickly travels by sprinting
  • Skillfully climbs walls

Stepping outside of the town, players will explore the woodlands, meet strange characters,explore dungeons, solve puzzles, complete quests, and find treasure to bring back to town. Players will encounter a variety of beautiful environments and places.

A historied haunted forest lies in wait for you to rescue its lost souls and solve its ancient puzzles.

Ghosts approaching in Vigil Pines

Lend a hand to the farmers at the quiet Breezy River Farm, who could really use your help.

All is quiet at Breezy River Farm


Wander into tiny villages where groups of Wood-Elves have established themselves. These villages can sometimes help you grow your own village, or they might be looking for some help!

Wood-Elf hanging out at Hillcrest Village



The player will have the ability to swap between 3 characters. In general town-related gameplay, each character will have unique abilities and contributions to the team. Most of the time, it is not necessary that the characters be together to complete a task. In some instances, such as dungeons, the player must control all three characters to complete puzzles and advance. 

Throughout the world, the player will encounter puzzles. Sometimes spread throughout the outdoors in the environment and sometimes in the form of a dungeon. At times, the puzzles will be ways to move forward in the environment/story, other times it will be used for gaining specific rewards. Puzzles are similar to the MetroidVania style with some minor 3D platform jumping.

The Town Alchemy System allows players to experiment with combining structure types to create a new one. The logic is similar to that of Little Alchemy. When the player discovers a new structure type they receive a blueprint, which they can use to build that structure in town.


  • Tent + Tent = Small House 
  • House + Small Store = Inn 
  • Puppet Show + Farm = Circus Tent


In order for the player to build the town they will need to collect resources.The three main resources that the player must collect are: Wood, Stone, and Gold. 

These can be obtained by the Dwarf with his wood-axe and mining-pick, or by any character if they search a geocache. Gold can also be found on treasure hunts with the Halfling.

Similarly, the player must also collect Townsfolk. The Townsfolk in Dwarrows are what makes your town work. The player will find the potential Wood-Elf citizens camping in the woods and can ask them to join the town.

The Queen of the Commonwealth was able to secure some land for the new settlement, but the space is limited. Strategically use this space to build structures that will maintain your town and unlock new abilities.


  • Build markets to better the economy and add to your town’s resource capacity
  • Build houses to increase population capacity
  • Build farms to feed and maintain your population
  • Build recreational and entertainment structures to keep your townsfolk happy and productive

In order to support more Townsfolk, your town must have enough housing. Better houses will support more people while taking up less space and improving living conditions for the Wood-Elves.

Your citizens work jobs in the buildings you provide them, but their productivity is affected by their happiness. Keep your citizens balanced and happy by giving them recreational and entertainment structures.

Try to befriend the animals and creatures found within Dwarrows. Once an animal is endeared to you, you can give it a name and it will follow you during your travels.

Pets help the character it is following by improving it's abilities and luck. You can bring one along for each of your characters.

The kind and peaceful Wood-Elves suffered a great flood that took their homeland and for many years they wandered the commonwealth as refugees with no place of their own. Queen Solatia saw the plight of the Wood-Elves and for her subjects she acquired an agreement with a people from an ancient, far-away country. The Achyrons agreed to allow the Wood-Elves to settle in their indigenous territories, the luscious Dusken Woodlands where there would be plenty of resources, life, and treasure to help them build a new society.

An old keep from a failed settlement attempt still stands there in an valley called Duskenvale. There, the wood-elves began to set-up a base of Operations and await the arrival of an expert team from the Royal Company of Colonizers to assist them in the start of a new civilization.

The Royal Company of Colonizers is an elite group of experts whose skills pertain to the colonization and growth of the commonwealth they serve. Though there are hundreds within it’s ranks there are no more storied colonizers than a little mismatched trio made up of a Dwarf, a Halfling, and a Gnome. 

The three always insist on working together because they believe that their differences make them a stronger team. Traveling the world in the service of good, helping to build infrastructure, and stabilize developing towns and economies, Dwilben, Horbir, and Gloia dedicated their lives to the casual heroics of ingenuity and resourcefulness.

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