Dwar7s Fall
Dwar7s Fall

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Super fun worker placement, area control game! Build a mighty Kingdom and get ready because the winter is coming!


To survive the long and terrible winter approaching, the dwarfs need to prepare. It’s time to collect gems, build castles and stock up enough food.

The fire dragons are sleeping. The giants of winter, lurking.

The fall is precious and it is vital to plan your actions wisely.


In this 2nd Edition, the game's cards have no text at all. As such, with just the rulebook you will be able to play the game in all supported languages.

Through our website (http://www.vesuviusmedia.com) or the Hive Portal (http://hive.vesuviusmedia.com) you will be able to download the rulebook in all of the following languages: English, Portuguese, French, German, Greek.

You can learn the game in 10 minutes and start playing immediately! The gameplay consists of 3 basic concepts:

Kingdom Card Placement

Everyone starts with 9 Kingdom Cards in their hand. You will need to place them on the board trying to create a Kingdom of your own using walls to mark your territory. 

But, beware: Cards can be placed on top of cards to mess other players up!

Worker Placement

Send your 7 Dwarfs to the Mines to gather Gems, to the Tavern to buy provisions and to the woods to kill dreadful monsters or even block the actions of other players!

Take That!

Hire the Ogres from the Inn and send them to do your dirty work by ambushing or frightening your opponents out of your territory!

Every player gets a turn, during which she/he completes 3 phases:

1. Perform Actions

You can perform 3 actions (or 4 if your castle is in play), which can be ANY combination of the following:

2. Resolve

Get back all your Dwarfs that successfully completed their task along with the relevant reward.

3. Discard / Hand Management

Make sure you have a maximum of 9 cards in your hand. You can never discard Kingdom Cards so you have to be very mindful of your strategy while building and gathering resources.


Inside the box of this 2nd EDITION Dwar7s Fall, you will find the following components:

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