RecordFit - A Durable Exercise Log
RecordFit - A Durable Exercise Log

Do you exercise hard and train for results? We do too and realized that a lot can get in the way.

So we invented...the ultrabook.

Designed to help you track your progress and sharpen your exercise routine, this handy book will be a companion that can take a much punishment as you do.

  • Plan your goals with the help of a goal planning step by step.
  • Log your activity and keep track of your daily progress.
  • Eliminate distractions like your mobile phone by using pen and paper.
  • Best of all this little book is designed with paper that stands up to water, sweat, or your gym bag.

We launched this product because we are all busy folks with full time jobs who realize that getting to the gym is one thing. Getting results in the limited time we have there is another. We wanted to create to create something that would help us set goals and keep us accountable so we could hit the gym at 100% every time.

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