ZeyeFashion - Indiegogo
ZeyeFashion - Indiegogo

This project has already launched.

Hi I am Barry. I’m the Founder. I am Very Happy to bring ZeyeFashion & ZeyeFashion.com into existence.

David Bennett Cohen and I are the artists and a few advisory friends are involved in the implementation and Spirit of this project.

Finally! Technology has advanced art and clothing!

The ZeyeFashion & ZeyeFashion.com enterprise is intended to bring, as yet Unknown, Original Museum Level Visual Art and transfer that visual art onto Woman’s clothing, thus transforming every street into a stimulating and beautiful Museum Gallery environment. We will thus simultaneously help struggling artists, precipitate thought provoking subject matter and enhance the visual surroundings everywhere one looks. The potential for promoting a change of the state of mind on massive scales is accessible to us, based on the universal experiences of individuals when they are personally exposed to art.

Having fun or is it “a blast” or is it - the place is “rocking” is typically and has historically been involving music and art. We have both components here. That is, Art created by musicians. There are many, many of us all over the place.

When we as a community get this project funded, that will be just the beginning. As a community we can have art / music gatherings and “Be In/s” as they were called way back when and for this point in time as well - the Foundational Contributors – that means You – can be participants by way of invitations – We will have your e mail addresses. Let’s do this, let’s have fun in the sun as well – let’s embellish creativity – let’s do away with boring! Let’s start something new! Let’s give this form of telepathy a chance to flourish!

ZeyeFashion will need, at least, $75,000.00 [Seventy-Five Thousand Dollars] in order to begin to change the visuals of every street, café, classroom, office and more of the city, town and village everywhere. The funding will be used for Google-AdWords advertising and Godaddy - Social Media Management – and the hiring of 2 employees, models, photography, and samples for models to promote and Fashion / Art - show/s.

I am an artist a musician and in my previous life a home builder, as such I have a deep grasp of business as well.

My art has been exhibited, in a Museum as part of a juried exhibition.
I played at the 25th anniversary of Woodstock at Yasgur’s farm, where I assembled a band, composed the music, and wrote the lyrics. Other musicians, friends of mine, were from Sly and the Family Stone and the Three Dog Night bands and were in my Woodstock band, Spontaneous Combustion.

Jethro Tull / Ian Anderson famously wrote: “I may make you feel but I can't make you think” in the lyrics of “Thick As A Brick”.

Modern / contemporary visual art not only makes everyone feel, but, it also makes everyone think! Just go to a museum and look around at the visitors staring and contemplating what the art work means to them. When they are leaving the museum, they seem to be more thoughtful and that is certainly my own personal experience.
How will modern art transferred to women’s clothing worn everywhere affect and effect the general social interactions? It is my firm belief that it is to be positive. If this is achieved, we all win.

ZeyeFashion.com is now a website, linked to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
At this point, with your help we can, all together, build a world where art truly transcends borders, cultures, and barriers of the mind. Please pass this on to your friends and you can help by articulating your opinion on facebook and twitter etc.
As of now every Contributor / Patron will get a personal Thank You letter which will also include an invitations to ZeyeFashion Be-Ins - With music by David Bennett Cohen’s and friends and other musicians, as well as some visual art & fashion and generally lots of fun. For more perk details please see the perks available.

Art is transcendental, and it communicates not only with ones’ emotions but with their minds as well. It seems to me, it is as if visual art is the tangible, second dimension of telepathy, it is in fact two dimensional or telepathy 2.0. Also, art placed on clothing is, actually, as I see it, the third dimension of telepathy, it is in fact three dimensional or telepathy 3.0. The Subconscious of the artist is communicating if not communing with both the sub- & -consciousness of the person experiencing the visual art.

David Bennett Cohen Bio:

DBC - current uTube performance - Cookin With Cohen: https://youtu.be/EoWMpPh0WJw?list=PLr8ZEsFDiy-6...

Over the years, he has played and/or recorded with: Original keyboard player with Country Joe and the Fish,  The Blues Project, Mick Taylor, The Luther Tucker Blues Band, Elvin Bishop, Hubert Sumlin, Melvin Van Peebles, Happy and Artie Traum, Arlen Roth, Eric Anderson, David Blue, Tim Hardin, Norton Buffalo, Jerry Miller, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Buddy Miles, John Cippolina, Huey Lewis, Michael Bloomfield, Bob Weir, John Kahn, Johnnie Johnson, Jimmy Vivino, Jay Owens, Debbie Davies, Byther Smith, Bobby Kyle, Rocky Lawrence, Johnny B. Gayden, Sandra Feva and others.

As a solo performer, he has shared the bill with Country Joe McDonald, Kenny Rankin, Bonnie Raitt, Richard Thompson, Jerry Garcia, Leo Kottke, Rufus Thomas, Meatloaf, Booker T., The Roches, Kingfish, J. Giles and Magic Dick and many others.

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