The Qlipter.  The Swiss Army knife of carabiners.
The Qlipter. The Swiss Army knife of carabiners.

This project has already launched.



The KICKSTARTER HAS Just LAUNCHED!! Check it out here!









Keep your stuff off the ground, things close, and hands free when you're hiking, climbing, traveling, strolling or shopping.


The qlipter is the first-ever clip with a rotating hook so that it can can hold your stuff anywhere, any time.  At first, it looks like a snazzy carabiner, but wait...  there's also an arm that unfolds and rotates into a hook that can hang any where and can rest on any surface (the round rubber piece at the end of the arm adds grip).  Sounds awesome, doesn't it?  But there's more.  The clip itself has a tapered nose so that it can fit into narrow openings (yes, sometimes, a narrow opening is your only option, like in a public bathroom or in the great outdoors).  

Here are some ways you can use the qlilpter (the pictures will progress on their own).  Help us make the qlipter a reality!

 Here are some details on the features.


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