Duncing - Democratizing Dancing!
Duncing - Democratizing Dancing!

Duncing is set to be the new nightclub craze, revolutionizing nights out for many... and we would love for you to be a part of it!

It is an extremely simple concept which brings dancing back to everyone, especially those who are uncomfortable with dancing in front of people, and it is fun for everyone involved.

The issue it attempts to solve is that too many people worry about their "dancing skils" not being as good as others', and so hesitate to dance or have to get themselves completely drunk to do so!

Duncing resolves this by virtue of the fact that it is all about "bad dancing", and all are encouraged to dance as ridiculously as possible, including actions (some suggested through video, on-stage dancers or the DJ, and other actions made up by the dancers themselves - making up actions is strongly encouraged).

Everyone in the nighclub is encouraged to participate and, since everyone's dancing skills will be levelled, there is no need for feeling self-conscious.

The night has a set playlist (for the most part - although will remain actively changeable, according to dancers' requests and the DJ's feelings on how the night is progressing). To get a taste of the set, people will be asked to enter the dancefloor at the same time to the song, "Weapon of Choice" by Fatboy Slim - this song inherently fits the concept with certain lyrics ("Walk without Rhythm, and you won't attract the worm..."), which is the point where people will be asked to enter the dancefloor, walking and dancing in a way that fits the words - with the tone set, the DJ will give instructions and play mostly pre-selected songs which will be most fun for Duncing, and are set up with videos showing sample actions.

This is said to Democratize Dancing because everyone finds themselves levelled in terms of ability, and it frees everyone one up to just be themselves and express themselves as they wish, and in an environment where the whole focus is fun and no judgement. Other reasons this subtitle was chosen are because ideas (for songs, for dancing, and for generally enhancing the fun) will be welcomed from all backers, from people of all backgrounds, and all suggestions will be seriously considered, with feedback given to backers regarding whether a particular idea is used, why it might not be used or if it has spawned any further ideas.

As the project progresses, and nights are held, changes may be made to the set up and playlist, depending on customer satisfaction. Reports will be sent back to backers, and further suggestions will be welcome.

Funding will be required for: - Venue rent & staff, - sound system, - DJ, - Advertising (flyers, internet, social networks, universities), - Screen/Projector & Video animation, - Stage design (where necessary).

We would love to get this going with your input, and especially love you to be a part of it with us, with all of our ideas together making this into an absolutely fantastic project. Please join the fun with us.

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