DSGNSTORM - Creative Professional Network for Freelancers
DSGNSTORM - Creative Professional Network for Freelancers


DSGNSTORM “Design Storm” will act as an all-in-one online network geared towards the promotion of creative professionals interested in making a living online. To achieve this the platform will feature several distinct channels all offering powerful tools from reviews to a collaborative marketplace.

We believe that a major problem heading into 2015 is that as creative professionals although we have such a large selections of options to promote ourselves these channels are to far separated and fragmented into difference corners or the web. This fragmented approach to self promotion online leads to a constant struggle to keep profiles up to date, to gain followers and so on.

As a platform DSGNSTORM will provide all of our favourite tools throughout the web and integrate those features into a single profile dedicated to the creative community. Furthermore, all future development will focus 100% of what users ask for rather that what we think they need.

Check out some of the cool features to expect with our online platform.

User Profile:

User profiles will provide the essential standard info you would expect such as biographies, skills and experience. This segment will also allow clients and agencies to search for ideal candidates to work with based on useful user information.

Member Reviews:

Member Reviews based on freelance work will boost recognition and help to building trust with potential clients. These reviews will also act as votes that can both [rank up] or [rank down] your profile relative to other professionals on the network.

Portfolio Reviews:

Portfolio reviews is another unique feature idea to help the community. Simply list your portfolio website link and allow fellow designers to leave feedback and rate your portfolio. This is great not not just for promoting your DSGNSTORM work but also for optimizing your content across the web.


The DSGNSTORM marketplace will provide an e-commerce area for all members to list their custom products and items. This can also include links to affiliate pages elsewhere on the web and strict standards will be enforced to make sure the marketplace has an overall quality feel.


Host live events:

Live events such as Google hangouts and other video distribution services can provide significant traction in regards to brand awareness. You will be able to easily embed live events and share the development of projects and discussions with a creative friendly audience.


Another promotion opportunity will be DSGNSTORM packs which we will send out to our subscribers. The packs will be themed on unique subject area and our members will also have the option to create and sell their own packs using portfolio work.



All backers regardless of their contribution will receive a free lifetime membership with DSGNSTORM. This will includes any deals and prize draws that we offer exclusive to our members.

What do we need support?

Our major hurdle is to attract an initial user base of members. To achieve this we will use funding for both marketing and the on-going development adding features and improving the service through optimization and user feedback. Those who wish back this project will be directly contributing to our advertising campaigns to help us build an initial community that can be cultivated over time.


We hope over time we can grow a friendly community of professionals and provide the most efficient platform to earn a living for freelancers and creative entrepreneurs on the web.

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