DryIce Drinks System
DryIce Drinks System

Hello Prefundia world,


I am Colin one of the founders of the new JetChill machine, below are some pictures of our new prototype, feel free to take a look through and post any comments or questions please.


This system blasts a dry ice snow directly into a specially made compartment at the bottom of our bespoke glass. This then enables you to safely pour your chosen drink into the glass to create a reaction and give you a different drinking experience. The drink components are mixed through the bubbling process and at the same time the drink releases its vapours (smoking effect) into the air. These vapours enhance the drink by giving out its aromas and after the reaction the drink is chilled and ready to enjoy.


Glass serves up to 125ml (4.4oz) so suitable for shots, bombs and cocktails. Dry ice effect works best with room temperature, alcoholic, non carbonated drinks. Dry ice will last in the glass for 30 minutes. Drink will smoke for 2-3 minutes.



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