DRY START - Dry Your Wetsuit While Driving Home
DRY START - Dry Your Wetsuit While Driving Home

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My name is Chad McKinney and I moved to San Diego in 2006. Even before jumping in the water, I knew I wanted to surf. The first time I dropped in on a wave, I was hooked. Since that time, I’ve developed a passion for it.  I usually have my board and wetsuit in my car wherever I go.  The only thing that I have always despised about this sport (other than getting hit in the head with the surfboard), is beginning my day by jumping into a cold, soaking, disgusting wetsuit (plus this is a breeding ground for bacterial buildup and infection). We can’t put them in the dryer or hang them in the sun due to the damage done to the neoprene. 

I knew there had to be a better way.  In 2014, I contacted my cousin Nick, a nuclear engineer in Hawaii, to assist in creating a 3D prototype of my idea. He and I have been building and refining our invention for over 3 years. We created a device that dries wetsuits with the wind generated from the movement of our vehicles (no batteries or electricity needed). This will dry a 3/2 full suit in around 20 minutes of highway driving time.





Our invention quickly and easily solves these problems. Dry Start™ dries wetsuits. Simply place the wetsuit on the hanger ventilation system, strap it to the vehicle, and drive home. Your next session will have never felt better.

The wind generated from the movement of the vehicle flows in the wetsuit, out the wetsuit, and by the time you arrive home, your wetsuit is dry and ready for your next session in the water.


Dry Start™ is simple to use. Before driving back home, zip your wetsuit around the hanger ventilation system which is connected to the bag. The bag constructed of military grade materials ensures everything remains safely in place. The cam buckle system is quick, easy, safe, and adaptable to nearly any vehicle, with or without a rack. Dry Start still works perfectly even with surfboards strapped on the roof of your car. The whole product weighs just barely over 4 lbs.



Place your wetsuit on the ventilation system and secure it to the roof of your vehicle.




These cam buckles are constructed of stainless steel and nylon webbing. Each strap comes equipped with a Velcro strap making it easy to hold any excess strap once tightened to the vehicle. These Velcro straps allow for a compact design making it extremely convenient to transport and use Dry Start. The cam buckle straps are strong. Each strap is safe for highway use, with a 770 lb. break strength. The self-locking pull mechanism allows for adults of all strength levels to quickly and easily use them on their vehicle.


That’s it! Within 20 minutes of highway driving time your suit will be dry. Can we get an Amen?! 








Dry Start™ is perfect for those who want to start a new adventure with passion and joy. Putting on a wetsuit isn't something we should dread or even think twice about doing. Nor should it be hazardous to our health. If you are into watersports or an avid cyclist or triathlete then you will be satisfied with the results Dry Start delivers.

Feel good every time you jump back into the water.




















Chad McKinney

CEO and Co-Founder


Rafaela McKinney

Marketing Director



Nick Jurasek

Co-Founder and Product Engineer 





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With much Love and Gratitude THANK YOU for your help!






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