Drop - virtualize the
Drop - virtualize the "I was here"

Drop is a social networking app that lets users leave behind posts for other users to find. Use it to share those little hidden moments that people often miss or leave memories of your big day out.
share the moments where they happen, leave a memento wherever you go and virtualize the “I was here”.

Make posts and leave them behind. Want to share your favourite coffee shop, or a hidden treasure? leave a Drop for others to find it.

Pick Ups
Get notified of Drops you stumble upon on the streets, Like and Comment on them to interact with the poster.

Create scavenger hunts. Scatter Drops around your local area for other users to find. Users must subscribe to your event for Drops associated with that event to show up for them so make the event compelling.

Drop API
Connect with other services to pass relevant Drops over and make them do even more, Drops become like achievements. Users can find items for games, coupons or discounts for services etc.

plus many more features.

People have been leaving their mark on places since the dawn of man, illustrating on cave walls, carvings and monuments, that urge to say “I was here” has carried with us through the ages, we all have the urge to make our presence known.

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