Drone Art
Drone Art



                                                                            THE FUTURE OF ART


DroneArt31 is a unique art project that uses state of the art Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) to create stunning works of art.

The founder of DroneArt31has flown UAV's or what the press call 'Drones' for years in the military and now plans to use what he's learnt for creative purposes. The founder recently entered a global competiton for aerial photography and became one of the winners. 

                              DroneArt31 has an international team of 4 who are keen, innovative and creative.


Despite ownng a number of vehicles and cameras DroneArt31 will be looking at raising $30,000 for two state of the art vehicles and the associated digital cameras to put them above their competitors and place them on the leading edge of this exciting new technology.





Due to the international make up of DroneArt31 the team are well placed to work globally especially as the United States FAA have yet to regulate Unmanned vehicles for commercial airspace, therefore they will start their venture in the United Kingdom before the US catches up. Already DroneArt31 is arousing interest at various art events and are confident of success.


                                      Visit our website for more samples of our work www.droneart31.com



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