Drive SAFE, Drive SMART with VIewCar
Drive SAFE, Drive SMART with VIewCar

We are going to introduce our new product ViewCAR. We are going to launching Viewcar on Kickstater on last September. So we are looking for the backers and if you subscribe us, we are going to give you discount benefit. Before campaign launching, we are going to send email about detailed information of discount benefit. Please have interest in our product and subscribe us!


ViewCAR is a compact device that transforms your car into a smart driving vehicle. When attached to the car's fusebox, ViewCAR performs a complete diagnostic of your vehicle, monitors your driving and enables smart features including automatic lock/unlock features. Data is sent from ViewCAR to your phone wirelessly and all of your car's data is displayed in an intuitive manner on ViewCAR's app. 

Drive Safe, Drive Smart with ViewCAR.


Smart Car Solutions

5 Smart Functions with ViewCAR:

1. Safe Driving Analysis, 2. Automatic Lock & Unlock, 3. SOS Accident Response, 4. Complete Vehicle Diagnostics, 5. Eco & Hazardous Condition Reports


Have Full Control of your Car through your Smart Phone



Installing ViewCAR

Installing ViewCAR is incredibly simple. Connect the ViewCAR module to the fuse box located on the bottom left of your steering wheel. Then simply start the engine.
After 30 sec. - 2 min, ViewCar will activate with a beeping noise. 


Door Remote Control

ViewCAR offers a variety of smart methods to lock & unlock your car.  

  1. Lock or Unlock your car remotely using the ViewCAR app
  2. Enable automatic lock when the driver walks away from the vehicle
  3. Enable automatic unlock when the driver approaches the vehicle 



Complete Vehicle Diagnostics

ViewCAR will automatically perform a complete diagnostic of your car as soon as you start your engine. The diagnostic scan checks the condition of your enginge oil, air filter, brake fluid, power steering oil, spark plug and fuel filter and displays it all on the ViewCAR app.


Manage Vehicle Condition

ViewCAR will not only monitor your car's essential condition, it will also alert you when maintenance or part/car fluid replacement is necessary. 


My Car Clinic


In the future, ViewCAR will enable communication with your local mechanic directly through the ViewCAR app. Send your diagnostic report directly to your mechanic to address any questions or concerns.    



Safe Driving Analysis

Monitor your Driving Habits (Weekly, Monthly, 3 Months).

  • Keeps Track of Bad Driving Habits (Speeding, Sudden Starts & Stops, Accident Hazards and Cellphone use) 
  • ViewCAR will provide you with an Overall Driving Score so you can adjust your driving accordingly 
  • Receive an Insurance Risk Report based on your Driving Habits
  • Track avg. Fuel Usage per day & MPG


ECO (Fuel-Friendly) Reports

By monitoring your driving, ViewCAR also can provide an Eco-report and suggest more eco-friendly driving tips. ViewCAR takes into account factors including CO2 emission, fuel consumption, fuel efficiency, fuel usage time, and blocked fuel efficiency. 



Don't remember where you parked? ViewCAR can track your car down for you to its exact location. An Alarm system can also be activated to help you find your car as you approach it. 



In case of an accident, ViewCAR will automatically send out an alert to your designated contact. To account for incorrect detection or a minor accident, you can cancel the alert within 30 seconds. In the future, ViewCAR will also enable automatic contact with emergency responders. 


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