Drink Trayz by Game Trayz
Drink Trayz by Game Trayz

Drink Trayz are innovative plastic coasters, designed for board gamers and collectible card players. Drink Trayz are spill resistant, and have a specially engineered cavity that will collect and pool moisture, protecting your table and your games. Our revolutionary design will allow gamers to feel more confident allowing drinks at the gaming table. Drink Trayz are made from 100% high quality plastic using a thermoforming process, and have been tested and perfected to ensure our customers receive the best experience at a reasonable price.

Drink Trayz are made in three different sizes:

Standard Can Size: This Drink Tray will hold standard soda and beer cans, red solo cups, and pint glasses

Energy Drink Size: This Drink Tray will hold 8oz Red Bull cans

Bottle Size: This Drink Tray will hold standard glass or plastic 12 oz soda and beer bottles

While Drink Trayz were originally designed for gamers, they can be used by individuals of all ages, in multiple settings, to eliminate unwanted spills while protecting surfaces. Drink Trayz are the perfect addition to any home, solving the age-old problem of spilled drinks and moisture rings!

To learn more about GameTrayz and their other products check out www.gametrayz.com

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