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People spend in average 7,4 hours every day looking at screens. Not only at work, but also in their free time. No wonder that 50% suffer from back pains and/or leg cramps caused by sitting too long or incorrect posture.

By the way, are you sitting right now like contortionist or twisted pretzel? Exactly! That’s why we created Drim Drum. Try out before it’s too late. 

But even if you are an active person who takes up sports and goes to the gym, is your spine happy about that? Let’s take an easy and simple example - crunches. Not all of us realize that doing crunches can be dangerous.

Crunches reinforce bad habits that result in poor posture. 
We are taught to “flatten” our spines to the floor when doing them. It, in turn, reinforces conditioning that disrupts the natural curves of the spinal. 

But our spine has curves for a reason.
The changing angles of the vertebral bodies push the discs backwards. The resulting effect can be still pleasant for the eyes, but not the way we feel. As strengthened Abs usually mean STRONG bad posture as well. 

Natural back curves and spine support are vital for any real core training. With Drim Drum, it’s possible to exercise effectively in safe manner. 

Hello, my name is Roman Wojcinowicz and I’m the creator of Drim Drum.
“During my personal career I’ve met thousands of people with spine problems. Some of them have felt slight pain, some weren’t able to move without help. I have tried every possible method to prevent my patients from critical conditions. Nothing was 100% efficient, effective and safe.

I decided to dedicate my free time to create and develop a device that would be both simple and unbeatable in the fight against back pain. I was desperate to find an ultimate solution suitable for everybody who stepped into my office, no matter what age, sex or fitness. 

After months of thorough and careful testing, consultations with doctors and personal trainers, I introduced my invention to my patients. The results were incredible: every person who tried Drim Drum confirmed, that even after one session they felt “lighter” and relaxed.“

Practice makes perfect 

This can be said about a lot of things, including your health. Everyday you take care of your teeth, you choose healthy and light food to nourish your body, you protect your skin, feed your brain, but what do you do for your spine?

Regular exercise helps to maintain proper posture. With a Drim Drum, it takes only 2 minutes a day to feel the difference! 


Improve posture
Our body is equipped with musculo-nervous memory. When you sit all day, your body “remembers” this position and comes back to it all the time. Drim Drum neutralizes that effect, we stand up straight with the natural curvature of the spine. 

Easy to use

You don’t have to spend hours on exercising. Drim Drum requires ONLY 2 MINUTES to get the desired effect. The secret lies in the muscle group-specific training. It’s all about the quality, not the length of the workout.

Just watch our video tutorial at the Kickstarter pageto be sure you follow the right technique! We called it 2DD training as it consists of 2 simple exercises lasting 1 minute each.

2DD training tutorial

Daily, regular prophylaxis will allow us to enjoy your health, because as we know: “prevention is better than cure”.

Want more? Then check out our rewards section. 

6DD program
It has nothing to do with 6-pack (though you train your abs as well). Unlike 2DD, 6DD program consists of 6 exercises and has three levels to chose from: novice, intermediate or advanced. Depending on your physical state, just adjust the intensity and time. Don’t worry about the technique or amount of sets and reps.




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