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Dress Connect


Dress Connect is a beautifully designed, easy to use, social app for you and your friends, and best of all it's free!

With Dress Connect you can:

  • Get help with your outfit decisions right when you need it, not hours later.

  • Save your outfits in date order so that remember what you wore and where you were when you did.

  • Discuss outfits and accessories with your friends privately so that you won't be over or underdressed at the party, and more.

We designed it exactly how you wanted it, simple and easy to use. Unlike other complicated style apps, we have made asking for outfit advice even easier than texting.

Features include:

  • Easily login through Facebook or your email.

  • Get instant feedback from your friends on which outfit to buy or which outfit looks best.

  • Set a timer so your friends know if you need help urgently. No more waiting in a change room, only for them to answer hours later.

  • Share outfit and accessory ideas with your friends who are also going to be at the party.

  • Keep track of what you wore and when you wore it. Use your Journal as a reference to get outfit ideas.

  • Upload your own pictures that you have saved on your phone, or take and upload instant photos.

  • Give feedback to your friends when they need it.

  • You can use Dress Connect to help you with any fashion advice, make up ideas, hair inspo, you name it.

Dress Connect, the FREE app that makes it easy to connect with your friends so that you can exchange style advice and make better outfit decisions.

We have also designed it with stylists in mind. If you are a personal stylist, you will be able to use this with your clients. Making communication easier for you and storing outfits and ideas in the one place.

With Dress Connect app on your iphone, you can:



In your private Journal you can collect, save and organise outfits you have worn in date order, with a small image and a brief description of where you wore it.

Save your 'outfit of the day' or 'look of the day' and your journal will be your very own lookbook and/or stylebook.

You can use this as a reference to get outfit ideas, or to make sure you don't repeat an outfit too soon.



In the Events section you can share outfit and accessory ideas with your friends and make sure you're not wearing the same thing.

Give and get feedback, comments or votes, so you will walk into that party with confidence, knowing that you're not over or under dressed?

It's not just about outfits, get ideas on how to do your hair, or even whether to go with the smokey eye look or a Kendall Jenner, more simple make up look.



Out shopping and you just can't decide which one to buy?

Or find yourself thinking 'I wish I knew what shoes or bag to wear with this'? Post your photos privately to only the friends that you want advice from. They can vote the best look with just a tap of the photo, or they can give you more indepth feedback by commenting on your pictures before you buy or wear it.

The best bit is, you can SET A TIMER! Let them know whether you need to get an answer within 5 minutes, or it's not urgent.

Picking accessories will be quick and even buying outfits online or in the store will be a lot easier.

Get adventurous, try something new, ask your friends for their help.



If you are one of those people that all your friends come to for fashion advice, help them through DressConnect instead of text mesages so it will make it quicker and easier for you to help them.

With a simple tap of the vote button, you can let your friends know which outfit they look best in.

Does your boyfriend need some help from you when he's buying those new jeans, get him to send you pics via the app.



Get instant notifications when someone has commented or voted on your outfit or one of your friends needs your help, through push notifications


Our app provides a platform for you to easily and quickly get tips to help each other work out what to wear, store outfits and more.

And this is just the beginning. We are already working on the next feature that we will add to Dress Connect which will be a section in your journal to save all those screen shots of outfits you want to buy. Coming soon..

Download the free Dress Connect app now and find out what your friends are wearing.

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