Dreams come true
Dreams come true

All Welcome.

As long as I can remember all my life I dreamed about something. With age, dreams of changing, sometimes supplemented. I do not know how much I would have been happy if my dreams, or at least one of them come true, but I think that happiness is no action, you either happy or not, happiness is only temporary borders. Everyone in the world has their dreams and their understanding of happiness.


I want to create a company that will realize the dreams of other people, that would make them happy at least for a while, maybe forever!
The principle of operation is simple: Each registered user must describe the dream, or the person whose dream he wants to make happy on the site. Describe it will be possible for one person, only one dream, very, very coveted, it is free!
Dreams must be real! Fly on the Death Star does not happen :)


Then, this dream gets to everyone's attention system users and ordinary "Like", will be selected is the dream that our company undertakes to perform at its best. The selection will be public. Everyone can see what a dream become a reality. There are options, wins the highest number of "Like" for a month or when a specific amount, for example 50000 "Like". The exact selection of the concept will be brought to perfection during the building companies, the recommendations are welcome.


All dreams require a cash component, for 1 "Like" = $ 1, and so we will be able to raise money for the realization of a dream for a specific person. Registered users will have their accounts in the system and there are no restrictions on the number of "Like" for a particular dream.

For example: My grandmother wanted to go round the world and see the Eiffel Tower. The cost of about $ 35,000, a total of 35,000 "Like" will give the opportunity to fulfill her dream to the fullest. For a little boy's dream is a small dog, it is worth like $ 55 = 55 "Like" + courier and he will be happy.


The Company will exist on the top 5-10% of the value of dreams, which will embody. And with the growth of the company at the expense of advertising and donations in favor of the company. In order to be 100% of the money from the "Like" used to perform dreams.
Account of the company and the costs of the company will be available for viewing.

With good development of the company needs an office in each country, and perhaps in every big city. The office needs the organizer of events, a psychologist, detective. The head office of the IT department, accounts department, event organizers, designers, detectives, psychologists.


The amount that I want to get at the start is calculated for the existence of the head office for 6-8 months, after which should go to self-sufficiency. Within 6-8 months, the office and developed more detailed and logically based vision and strategy to be organized. site will be created, where all the activities will take place. Perhaps at the same time they will have made someone's dreams.


All who will contribute will be registered in the system and the amount of the donation to the establishment of the company will be transferred to "Like" - $ 1 = 1 "Like".

After each execution of the dream, the mandatory photos, video confirmation for all users.

Perhaps the idea is crazy, but the world is crazier than we imagine it. In a world of so much going wrong, and a lot of evil. I wish that my project would be added to the world of good, warmth, responsiveness, compassion and happiness!

And if we become an international company, the world will move to a higher, better level of human interaction directed to the fact that everyone could be happy, everyone was able to realize his dream.

Think about this idea. Read again and listen to your heart. Perhaps it is your dream to be realized, thanks to our company.


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