Dreamers EP
Dreamers EP

This project has already launched.

Hello everybody .

 This is Lana I have started this project for my label called "SEEN"  and were currently working on releasing the first EP called Dreamers on this label . It is about people who live in the us and Aliens that are pursuing their dreams no matter what . And this is the first topic in this funding project .

 I got the idea to create this unique Art and Music Event that is going to be pop up at every corner around the Globe , you can experience view touch and get an Art from very unique artists and listen to a very great music from amazing Musicians - that is going to be great news and we would like to help to raise money for the charities as well as invest in more exciting projects , such as one we're currently working with CureSearch , finding the cure for the Child cancer . As well as climate Change Organization . Why we doing this ? Because kindness is what makes us good human beings today and what is letting us to feel happier, releases our pain and gives us a hope .

We also want to help thru the music and make people feel the light and the beauty joining this project . I think that everyone has a purpose and it is usually starts that day , when they start to dream in a very small age, remember yourself who did u want to be back then . And ask yourself why you holding up from it ? What do you measure your self worth with ? I know for a fact that your self worth is never be measured in likes , views , listens , friends or even money it is about the amount of positive influence you have on other people life's 

I believe that if you live your life thinking that every change that life has given to you is for the better you will never live a single day miserable . And a lot things can be changed today , By you ! 

 Someone really great said : There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though that everything is a miracle.

Let them miracles begin now


Risks and challenges

Were backed by couple agency's that are working to help us promote the release after funding . We are very positive and inspired to do our best to create Next Event in one of the biggest cities like New York , Slowly move towards West Coast and explore the Venues around in Europe

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