Drakonheim: City of Bones
Drakonheim: City of Bones

Why are we nicknamed the City of Bones?


People first started calling us that when the city's founder killed the dragon Ignomia and used her bones to build the walls of Drakonheim. It took on new meaning after the Empire fell. The marble palaces became skeletal remains of a dead civilization. Now there is a third reason. The bones of the dead walk the street. Skeletons and zombies. Why don't we fear them? We do, of course. But what choice do we have?


About Drakonheim

Drakonheim is a fantasy city full of intrigue and surrounded by dangers. Goblins dwell in the sewers, undead walk the streets, and aristocrats scheme for greater power. Hobgoblins ride across the northern planes, lizardfolk rule the southern swamps, and all manner of monsters hunt in the western mountains.


The Drakonheim: City of Bones book a system-free setting that you can use it with any fantasy roleplaying game. It can serve as a quick stopping point, or as the center of an entire campaign.


What's In the Book?

The complete text of the book it written, and backers will get access to it as soon as the campaign concludes. Right now the book clocks in at over 27,000 words, which means it will be around 36+ pages depending on the final formatting. The book includes all of the follow:


  • A history of Drakonheim, from its founding above a dragon's den, to the recent troubles that brought undead to the streets.
  • Suggestions for how players can integrate common fantasy races and archetypes into the history of the city.
  • Major players in the city, including the self-absorbed lord mayor, the necromancers of the Gray Society, and Knights of the Eclipse—a clandestine order hoping to destroy the necromancers.
  • The major districts of the city and the people and places within those districts, including the criminal gangs in the Docks, the dwarven enclave of Little Grendus, and the abandoned sections of the city called the Bone Yards.
  • The dangerous lands surrounding Drakonheim, including the hobgoblin controlled planes to the north, the lizardfolk dominated swamps to the south, and the mountains to the west home to flesh eating monsters made of stone and fire.
  • Adventure outlines that are more than just a hook but not quite full adventure. These give the GMs a solid foundation for kinds of adventures they can run in and around Drakonheim.



Want to learn more about the city of Drakonheim or get a peek at what the writing will be like? We've released several free previews that you can download from RPGNow or DriveThruRPG.


The Gray Society: A cabal of necromancers who have recently come out of the shadows and now operate openly in the city.

Knights of the Eclipse: A clandestine order dedicated to destroying undead.

Little Grendus: The dwarven section of the city, it is home to the descendents of the now ruined kingdom of Grendus.

Hobgoblin Lands: Territory to the north of Drakonheim controlled by hobgoblin war clans.

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