Dragonwing: Keep Girls in Sports with The Racer Bra and Cami
Dragonwing: Keep Girls in Sports with The Racer Bra and Cami

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About this project

The Racerback Sports Cami and Extended Sizes for The Racer Seamless Sports Bra grew from my dream to provide girls with outstanding base-layer for sports and school. When my daughter was a pre-teen, she was a serious athlete in need of performance wear. We were forced to shop in the boys’ department sending the subliminal message that athletic girls were less than feminine. Clothes in the girls’ departments were all “fashion” and made of lower quality fabrics, not meant for seriously active girls. Women’s athletic wear didn’t fit correctly or worse –it wasn’t age-appropriate. Shopping trips were awkward especially for bras and support tops – and I didn’t want this to be a barrier to sports. When other mothers shared similar frustrations, I knew I had to do something to make a difference.

The solution was Dragonwing girlgear, a line of sports tops, bras and other essential every day underwear that can be worn under a sports uniform or day clothes. As our business grew, customers told us they wanted a sports cami with our beautifuI high performance fabric but with more mesh for coolness and breath-ability, more support and thin pads to hide anything embarrassing. At the same time, we saw a growing number of studies documenting that breast development was becoming a barrier to sports for adolescent girls.  So we started developing two new products to solve these problems.

The Racerback Sports Cami uses beautiful, anti-microbial, wicking, UV50 Italian fabric with a large silver infused mesh panel in the back -- so it is breathable and cool, even on the hottest day. We use Italian fabric because it will perform to the high standard our girls play and is used for many elite sports, including cycling triathlon and running.  The quality and hand feel is amazing.  

We made adjustable straps --and a modified racer style for extra support. There are thin removable pads so you have the choice to use/not use them and the ability to remove the pads to wash them separately. The cami’s built-in silver infused mesh shelf bra provides coverage where developing figures need it most. No slipping straps. A fit that’s snug. But not tight.  The perfect athletic cami for sports and school.

The Racer Seamless Sports Bra is our number one selling product. We are seeing and hearing from our customers that we need more sizes to accommodate more girl shapes from AA to DD and more. So we've interviewed girls and moms, measured and tested different variations to expand our size range - and we think we have the perfect fit. The Racer Seamless Sports Bra is double layered to prevent chafing, longer so you won't feel exposed, wicking, antimicrobial and super soft because of the fine high quality yarns we are using. The Racer Seamless Sports Bra will meet the needs of many active girls who want a high performance bra that is made for their figure. 

Beth --"AWESOME". We decided to try these for my active 11 year-old daughter. It is more expensive than other products but the quality, fit, and soft material are worth the money. After the first two weeks of wear, my daughter asked me to buy more and the other less expensive bras haven't been used since. This is a superior product and worth the price! Thanks for adding the all white and all black as options!"

Rose -- "PERFECT GIRLS BRA "My husband purchased the racer back sports bra as a gift for our daughter who is very athletic. She wore the bra for the first time and as she was taking it off at the end of the day, she said, "I forgot I was wearing a bra, this is so comfortable." I am so happy to hear that she loves it. I am ordering more in different styles and colors. Thank you!  

LucyC -- "EXCELLENT AND WELL WORTH THE COST FOR A GOOD QUALITY SPORTS BRA . I am 17, about 103 pounds and I got the medium sports bra and it feels great. It provides a lot of support along with excellent comfort and a very soft and breathable material. 10/10.   I would get another one! "

Micaela --"PERFECT FOR RUNNING!  This product is one of the best sports bras I've owned! It is super comfortable and soft, and provides just the right amount of support. As a competitive runner, I've tried a lot of different sports bras, but the Racer is definitely one of my favorites!  

Wendy  --"GREAT QUALITY, COMFORT . My 15 y/o daughter loves these, she's been begging for some more! They're very soft and comfortable and the fit is great. Much better than anything you can find at a big box sporting goods store." 

Getting the right size is so important to playing comfortably, with confidence and without underwear malfunction.  This video gives instructions on how to measure for a perfect fit.



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Your support will help us meet minimum order quantity for our first production run of the Racerback Cami and Seamless Racer Sports Bra.

To our customers - our active, athletic girls and their parents -- you inspire me every day.

To my family, friends, suppliers and co-workers - I couldn't do it without you. 

To Rick, Ted and Charlotte - you set the bar for bravery and courage.  Love you!

For my grandparents - you broke the ground, literally and figuratively. 


Risks and challenges

Dragonwing has been successfully producing the Un-Tee Sports Cami since 2009. We have partnered with best in class Italian mill for the fabric and our manufacturing facility is expert at flat seam production delivered on time. We have set aside time for production and fulfillment. We have created a small run, tested it and feel confident that the you will love the final product.

Our mission is getting the sizing right and we put our money behind this commitment. We will be on call/chat and email 24/7 to answer your fit questions. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, we want to make it right. Simply let us know what happened and we will exchange the bra or cami for a different size, free of charge (shipping charges apply for domestic and international orders).

Customs: For backers outside the US, I will work hard to ensure everything runs smoothly, but in the end I can't guarantee you won't experience delays. You are responsible for all import duties and taxes charged on backer rewards.

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