Dragon Keepers by Vital Lacerda and Catarina Lacerda
Dragon Keepers by Vital Lacerda and Catarina Lacerda

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Dragon Keepers is a game representing a battle between two forces. The first is a group of evil hunters who want to destroy dragons for trophies and fame. The other group is the heroic dragon keepers who protect the dragons. Each player represents the chief of a specific tribe of dragon keepers who will defend the dragons from attacks by the evil hunters. 

In Dragon Keepers, there are 2 different modes of gameplay. Both modes are played over several rounds until players have reached a game ending condition. The game modes are the following:  

Keeper Mode
A light competitive game using "push your luck" mechanisms, which takes 10-15 minutes and plays from 3 to 6 players. This mode is a lighter version of the game intended for younger children. The goal for each player is to heroically defend 3 different dragons from the evil hunter.   

Dragon Mode
A cooperative game which takes 30-40 minutes and plays from 2 to 4 players. This mode requires a bit more strategic thinking and is more suited for adults and older children. The goal for the players is to train a predetermined number of dragons and have them successfully attack the Hunter.

The Keepers have vowed to protect the dragons. In both game modes, players will choose a Keeper deck to play the game with. Keeper decks have a unique colored tribe symbol on the back of the card. The front of the card represents a Keeper from each different tribe. For example, the Red Keeper deck will have a Keeper from each color (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and White).  

Each card in a player’s Keeper deck represents an individual dragon keeper which will protect one type of dragon from attacks made by the hunter. For example, a purple dragon keeper can only protect a purple dragon.

The dragons in the game are powerful untamed magical creatures that always start the game with the Friendly side of their Dragon tile face up. In the Keeper game, the dragons are younger and will never be flipped to their Trained side. In the Dragon game, the dragons are older and keepers can train them which flips the tile to the trained side. Both Friendly and Trained sides of a Dragon tile will have a number of Heart symbols in the upper left corner. The hearts represent the Life of the dragon and also the number of attacks the dragon can receive before they are defeated.

The world of Dragon Keepers is a mystical place. The keepers have harnessed magical powers by using special items and spells. Players will receive Magic cards as a reward for defending or healing the dragons. Magic cards allow a player to take a powerful independent second action during their turn.

Click the image above to preview a "draft" copy of the rules
Click the image above to preview a "draft" copy of the rules
  • 18 Magic cards
  • 36 Keeper cards (6 Keeper decks with 6 cards each)
  • 18 Shield tokens (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and White)
  • 6 Dragon tiles
  • 15 Arrow tokens
  • 5 Flame tokens
  • 36 Action tokens (12 Defense, 8 Heal, 8 Training, and 8 Attack)
  • 1 double-sided Hunter card and 4 Hunter cards
  • 8 D6 Black Hunter dice
  • 12 D6 Battle dice (6 White and 6 Red)
  • 4 Player Aid cards
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The Dragon's Story by Catarina Lacerda

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Hello everyone. I am Vital Lacerda, the designer of Dragon Keepers. I was born in Lisbon 49 years ago, a city I adore and still live in with Sandra, my wife, and my two lovely daughters. I have a Master's degree in Marketing and Advertising, and after working in advertising agencies for almost 15 years as an art director, I decided to try my luck as a freelance graphic designer. I've been working like this since 2007. At that same time, I also began designing board games, my true and great passion.  

Most of all, I consider myself a gamer who had the luck of having a few publishers who believed in my games. I published Vinhos in 2010; CO2 two years later; Kanban in 2014, The Gallerist in 2015 and Lisboa 1 year ago. Two years ago I also did a major re-release of my first game Vinhos.

I have a tendency to design "thinking" games because those are the types of games I love to play. A big box game takes a lot of time to design, playtest and develop. So when I begin such an endeavor, I always look for a few characteristics that are fun for me in those type of games. They need to be challenging; they need to require deep thinking and difficult decision-making; they must allow great control, and they must involve intense competition and heavy strategy. Those are the games I love to play and design.

Hello everyone. I am Catarina Lacerda, the co-designer of Dragon Keepers. My father and I started designing this game when I was 9 years old, but now I’m 14. So, this game took a big portion of my life to make.  

The idea for this game came to me because my favorite movie is "How to Train Your Dragon". I wanted to play a game based on that! So, I talked to my father about it and one day we started testing my first ideas on how to play the game. We had fun that day, but he quickly forgets because it is not the type of game he usually designs.  

But, I kept thinking about the game and began writing short stories for each of the dragons. I kept insisting that we should make this game. I must have been very convincing because the game is finally ready! I hope you enjoy playing it as I did during almost half of my life!

Mihajlo "The Mico" Dimitrievski is an illustrator from Macedonia and he has created beautiful art for many games like Shipwrights of the North Sea, Raiders of the North Sea, Explorers of the North Sea, Villages of Valeria and many more. His unique artistic style creates memorable characters and brings fantasy worlds to life! 

We started developing board games back in 1999, but it was not until the introduction of Kickstarter that we were able to mass produce games. We have many titles designed, playtested and ready to go. The number one issue in getting those games produced is the high cost to manufacture board and card games. With your help, we can bring fun, high quality, and thematic games to players across the world. 

100% of the money we gather from Kickstarter will be used to pay for printing costs, royalties and the manufacturing of pledge rewards. If we raise significantly more, the extra funds will go into a larger print run, bringing the cost of the games down, and in upgrading the already existing pledge rewards.

Please check out our Facebook page and click "Like" on our page at www.facebook.com/knightworksgames. Once the Kickstarter project closes then Facebook, Twitter and www.KnightWorksGames.com will be the primary way that we post updates and future news items. Clicking "Like" on the Facebook page will also give you a chance to win monthly contests. You can also follow us on Twitter here @knightworks


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