Dr.Music3 - Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator
Dr.Music3 - Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator

Dr. Music 3-Your Gateway To Quality TENS Massage

Massage should be in our daily lives as an integral part of our well-being. Sore muscles and muscle-aches can make the difference between a productive, pain-free day and a one of maximum discomfort and frustration. Dr. Music 3 is a portable TENS massager that will help you treat sore muscles and muscle aches to their root and provide you with the true care you need, whenever you need and the best part? It can be synced to your favorite tunes so that it never gets boring!

Innovative Design & True Practicality

Our massager comes packed with an amazing and innovative design along with unmatched practicality. Dr. Music 3 can be controlled directly from the main body and it also connects via Bluetooth that allows you to control it through the highly intuitive App for iOS and Android that it comes bundled with. By combining Low-frequency stimulation , our innovative massager stimulates the nerves and muscles according to the beat of your music! Furthermore, the smart way our massager is designed, allows you to freely carry it anywhere you wish with unprecedented ease! This makes our gadget an ideal choice for every athlete, fitness enthusiast, elderly people and anyone who suffers from muscle aches and pain!

Massage According to YOUR Needs

Dr. Music 3 can be fully adjusted in intensity so that you can enjoy just the perfect massage that you desire. Through the App, or directly from the main body, you can adjust the intensity and choose between Music Sync Mode, Tapping Mode or Massaging Mode. Simply put, our massager offers you the treatment you need in a whole new, modern approach and it’s not another one of those gadgets that you buy and use once or twice before letting them gather dust forever.


Dr.MUSIC 3 works as a massage therapist synced with music of your choice that stimulates nerves and muscles in the beat of the music. The electrical stimulation passes through your skin reaching the region of pain in your body to relieve the pain.

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It relieves muscular pain by providing pulses through electrodes to the area with pain or muscular lesions. The TENS treatment relieves muscular pain through electrical pulses to skin. EMS contracts muscles using electrical pulses. The product uses rechargeable batteries. Pulses are transmitted through hydro-electrodes. Users can select the mode and operate the device using the device itself or mobile app.

Smart Medical Device Co.,Ltd.

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Why Fund Us

Dr. Music 3, we believe is the future of home/ personal/ portable massage. By getting rid of the boring parts of traditional electrode massage that requires you to be static, and bringing it into the new age with smart features like Bluetooth control and smart capabilities like music sync, we believe that it’s bound to succeed as a product just because how fun and practical it is. You can use it throughout your day, no matter who you are (who doesn’t need a massage every now and then?) and it’s not just for show; it actually treats muscle related pains at their very root. Simply put, your smartphones can be the hub for various medical treatment, and we have the Geneva Invention Fair 2014 Award and IMPEX 2015 Award to back this statement up! So join the new era of medicinal advances and help us make it available to everyone!



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