Doobsie - child`s laptop
Doobsie - child`s laptop

"Doobsie" the Notebook is a Unique toy for kids and grownups. From now-on developing dreams can be much easier and harmless

About the project

  Doobsie™ the Notebook  A unique toy which was dreamed, developed and made for the young generation, for the early ABCs... :

Astronauts, Architects, Artists, Baby sitters, Business men, Creators, Dancers, Dreamers, Engineers and Etc...

   The idea of a laptop for the kids was born long time ago, as for us, it was very unpleasant to look at the children, spending most of their time sitting by the computer and playing games, which are inappropriate for their age.

   NOW children and grownups can cooperate. Spending their time,TOGETHER working away on their shinny Laptops!

  Our brand - Elephant "Doobsie" is showing his huge elephant back to the grey reality among us and looking forward to the colourful dream world, the world, which is not real, the world, where "impossible is nothing" and "nothing is possible". It is the way to let your child create his own picture of the world on the "Laptop" screen, only without harm to the eyes, but with joy and smell of nature :)



  •  3 different ways to express imagination: create with chalk, paint with pencils, make an exhibition with 3 magnets, delete and recreate with colorful sponge.
  •   Lightweight body (4lb or 1.8kg ) allows frequently change "working" place without cable pulling from one side to another. It is easy to carry even for the youngest.
  •   Special multicolored drawing chalk - NON TOXIC & DUSTLESS !!. Made only ofCalcium Carbonate. Suitable even for the youngest.
  •  Unique multicolored drawing pencils  which are free of harmful chemicals and suitable for the young and the rest.
  •   Made in the UK. Every"Doobsie" carefully crafted, checked, packed and sent by myself. GIVE YOU MY WORD!
  •   Doobsie the NoteBook is constructed from a solid birch plank (thickness 10mm). Each part is carefully finished with a sandpaper (fraction 300-400) to protect  kids from cuts and abrasion.
  •   Chemical and Lacquer FREE! "Doobsie" can simply be wiped with a dry cloth to remove dust.
  •   Dimensions of the Laptop : 14 x 11 in (35x28cm).


  • ·Handbag "Doobsie" made from natural Felt material. Eco-friendly and non-allergenic.
  • ·Handbag ideally suits for laptop "Doobsie". Easy to carry. Looks natural, feels great.
  • ·Handbag logo "Doobsie" is embroidered with special light reflecting fiber, which is glowing in the dark and is like REFLECTOR! Everybody will see your child in the dark when carrying his "Doobsie".
  • ·Handbag also ideally fits to all 14" laptops. You can also carry your documents and stuff.

Doobsie TEA


The nature with a focus on the beauty of wood in children games and childhood. We hope you enjoy our love for wood, brought to you by the wood fanatics Doobsie™ team.

PROTOTYPING: How Doobsie was Born

   The entire production process will be completed at Wooden Window Factory in Birmingham, UK, where i personally had worked there as an Export Manager.  Here there are few pictures showing the birth of our beloved Doobsie the Notebook. We truly thank everyone who had helped us to make this project a reality. THANK YOU GUYS!

Notebook evolution

LOGO Evolution

BOX Prototyping

Production Run

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