Donut Match
Donut Match

Welcome to the world of Donut Match!

Donut Match truly puts your spatial abilities to the test. The goal of this game is to vertically or horizontally scroll the donuts on the main game board to match the preview image on the left of the screen. This puzzle matching game has combined the simplistic beauty of donuts (who doesn’t love donuts), with the growing complexity with each new level of the game.

Keeping the user in mind, Donut Match stimulates higher brain functioning, causing the user to consciously focus and strategically plan their next move in order to gain access to the next level. The gameplay along with the music generates a conducive challenging but entertaining environment for the user to train their brain one level at a time.






  • 20 free levels to conquer and navigate through
  • Over 300 different levels available for purchase
  • 4 different delicious donuts to mix and match

How you benefit:

  • Increase resiliency in spatial problem solving
  • Stimulates higher functioning regions of the brain
  • Maintains focus on one goal promoting a calm mental state

More information: 

  • Device: iPhone/iPad
  • Price: Free
  • Expected Release: July 2015

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