Donate for Allah
Donate for Allah

We believe that the means through which our children and youth receive education are a determinant of how their ideas are shaped. Peer groups, religious inclinations and associations, parenting, media to mention just a few. All of these means have a strong impact of their outlook to life and how they relate with people around them.

In an age and time where, our children and youth are mis- informed and easily swayed into crime, violence and parents having less and less time for their children due to work demands, we at Al- Salam believe it is our primary responsibility to impact positively in every sphere of their lives (religiously, socially accepted co- existence, education...)

Islam has been presented in a very negative image in the media and rightly so, due to a few misinformed and un- guided individuals who believe they are striving in the part of Allah.

But, our Islam and that of the Prophet Muhammed (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is a religion that teaches peace and love.

We are at Al- Salam believe in peace. Al- salam is peace!

Sadly, to undertake this journey of teaching (ranging from health talks/ practices from invited experts, foreign languages, mathematics, fiqh, tajweed...) our youth and children, we need a bigger centre/ place of worship, which we shall call (Al- Salam Islamic center). 

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Help us realize our goal by donating or spreading the message of peace.

On behalf of our  jamaat we say, Jazakhumullah khairan!! (May Allah reward you)

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