Dogs In The Yard
Dogs In The Yard

Dogs In The Yard is a tile laying game for 2 to 6 players. It's a game of both chance and strategy, where you and your opponents take turns drawing tiles to build fences and claim dogs that come up. But be careful, if your yard is completed before your dogs have food and water, you won't get points for them.

Accessible theme for all ages and new gamers

Who doesn't love dogs? The dog theme was selected because there are many people out there who would love the gameplay of today's tabletop games, but may be intimidated by the medieval or science fiction themes that so many of them use. The goal with Dogs In The Yard is to bring solid, engaging gameplay to a broader audience.

Strategic play for experienced gamers

While some may consider the dog theme simplistic, the strategy behind the game is anything but. You not only have decide whether to build out your own yards or block an opponent, you also have to decide on taking points right away or implement more long-term tactics. On top of all that, both you and your opponents are bound by the luck of the draw with every tile.

Scalable for any type of gameplay

Dogs In The Yard has undergone extensive testing throughout its development, and the resulting tile mix is the recommended one for playing the game. However, flexibility is important, and this game can be adjusted to fit the players' needs. The game can be expanded or shortened by adding or removing toy and treat tiles. There are also plans for future expansion sets that will add new rules and exciting gameplay changes.

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