Does your skin break out from shaving?
Does your skin break out from shaving?

This project has already launched.

The Defender, from HarbingerMilleniuim3, originated with the inventor being – literally – “irritated with himself.”  Irritated, that is, into finding relief from his chronic skin breakouts from shaving called "contact dermatitis."  Lotions and ointments provided some help, but no real solution.   Armed with research showing he was far from alone --  hundreds of millions of people globally are genetically predisposed to contact dermatitis -- he set to work.  He applied insights from atomic physics and molecular genetics to birth "the solution."  And what a solution he found!  Testing the technology on himself, showed he had a winner. Working with a major invention development company and a marketing study which projected sales of $1.3 billion over the first ten years, he designed a razor that addresses the underlying cause of contact dermatitis: an immune response in the skin to atomic particles migrating from the blade metal into the skin.  By drastically effectively "disarming" these culprits, the skin has no need to fight back,  The Defender addresses the root of the problem, so your skin can make love, not war, with your razor.  As a bonus, avoiding this battle also extends the life of the blade.  The Defender provides the first real break through for vast numbers of people world-wide who experience breakouts from shaving.

To maximize accessibility, The Defender incorporates both auditory and visual alerts to indicate a low battery, so as to avoid unexpected recurrence of breakouts due to lost power.

Did we mention battery power?  The Defender uses a small battery with an expected life of four months!! How's that for staying power?!

Attracting a faithful team of small investors to bring this technology forward, this past year brought design modifications that incorporate further crucial technological advances into The Defender and a patent (now pending) was recently accomplished.  We, as a team, are excited about this product.  The Defender can bring blessed relief from this aggravating condition to people around the world.

By the way, HarbingerMillinnium3 has other consumer products in the pipeline that say "WOW"!!   Products consumers of almost any demographic would love using everyday!   In fact, we are looking to the successful launch of The Defender to also light a fire under these exciting applications of physical science that will make life better for anyone who wants to use them.  And you will want to use them!!  We're not letting any proprietary secrets out now, but if you'd like to being among the first to learn about the new products before they are ready for general introduction, supporting The Defender will get you first peek!!  We think these products can generate the kind of pre-production excitement usually reserved for the latest smartphone or tablet.

We investors have put our money on the line for The Defender.  We now need people like you to help us take The Defender the distance.  In other words, we are looking for people who see what a boon this product will be and want to make it available to waiting consumers around the world.

With the maturing of crowd funding, it became clear that this  is the funding path to bring this innovative product to market in the quickest way.  Hence, Indiegogo.  Hence, you!  Are you ready to help the HarbingerMillenium3 team move The Defender to the store shelves?

The Defender.  The face of things to come!

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