DODGE Eye Balls Upgrade
DODGE Eye Balls Upgrade

DODGE Eye Balls, Addictive iOS GAME

Do you remember playing Dodge Ball? Of course you do. It was one of my favorite games and one of the most popular games that children were playing everywhere. No matter how old you are, you certainly remember with joy the times of your younger years. The games you played, the fun you had and all the events that marked your life forever, in pleasant manner of course.

Dodge Ball was played in the streets, on the court yard, in the park or any other place you can think of, you name it and children were playing this fun game! Beyond fun, the game presented other advantages also, such as maintaining your physical health and creating new friendships.

DODGE Eye Balls is a simple and fun game that takes the fun of Dodge Ball, puts it on your Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad then lots of fun is at your fingertips. With DODGE Eye Balls you have now the opportunity to experience again those joyful days of your childhood!

Meet Charles, a happy, fourteen-year-old kid whose personality is seen through his facial expressions. This game app is centered around the “main character” Charles. He has his share of difficulties in life being developmental delayed, autistic, having mild cerebral palsy, visually impaired and, I’ll stop there. He doesn’t let any of this get him down. Charles dodges those obstacles and instead prefers to play with his teddy bears. His endless energy and desire to live is the inspiration behind this app.

By downloading the game, not only have you guaranteed yourself a good game to play, but you also will be helping children like Charles who attend special schools and need special services. How? Because a percent of app proceeds will support such institutions like Autism Speaks, National Federation of the Blind, United Cerebral Palsy and Special Olympics (from which Charles has received a medal).

The game presents a simple but skillful manner of playing! All you have to do is tilt back and forth the device you’re playing on in order to avoid the falling Eye Balls – and did I mention that these eye balls display express Charles’ charisma on them? While #swerving back and forth to avoid the Eye Balls, you should catch as many Teddy Bears as possible. Catching the Teddy Bears makes Charles quite happy and while they give you extra points from 200 up to 500 points, those tricky Eye Balls will take away his “playtime” if you get hit and you’ll surely know as the game vibrates each time. In order to get more playtime you must raise another 5000 points by avoiding the Eye Balls and helping Charles catch as many Teddy Bears as you can. The easiness of playing represents a strong point because it can be played by children and adults with the same satisfaction. Sounds pretty simple, isn’t it? Back and forth to DODGE the Eye Balls and collect the teddy bears. Here’s the thing, it’s pretty addictive. Once you start, you want to play again and again to beat your previous score. Give it a try, Download the free version here and see if you can put it down. And if you are like some of us who absolutely hate ads, Download this version.

Regarding the fact that the game is in its infancy and certain improvements could be implemented in order to make the game more attractive and with dynamic features and animation. So this is where we ask you to come in and help us roll out a dramatically upgraded version of Dodge Eye Balls. The changes should start from the overall appearance and display, and it would end with specific details that enhance the user experience.

  • We can begin with the background, more interactive, more vivid, using colors in such a manner to catch the eye and make people love playing the game. Background can change based on level of play. The current state of the game displays a harsh and simplistic background. 
  • Add Different score levels to test the capabilities and skills of each user. Timing for each level which would establish the amount of time allotted to collect a given number of Teddy Bears for getting to the next level – like a time trial.
  • Scoring added to Game Center in order to compete against other users. • More of Charles’ favorite items besides the Teddy Bears, such as his toy flashlight, his books and the TV remote controls that he collects. Rewards should be given as well.
  • Animated Charles, which n its actual state, Charles looks a too rigid and one dimensional. An animated Charles would move in a more realistic way, when dodging the eye balls. • Size of Charles can differ according to difficulty level, becoming larger or smaller to favor an easier dodge.
  • A Reward could be a protective force field such as his baseball cap on the top of his head which acts as a shield that will allow Charles to stand still through the falling eye balls and not lose any playtime. Double speed options will be available also.
  • Sound is always the key for making the player more aware of his situation within the game. That is why it needs a set of sound effects to indicate the risks of losing playtime.

With this Kickstarter, we also hope to elevate the Special Needs Community with the joy Charles experiences on a daily basis through this graphical representation. With an extra successful campaign, we wish to give a gigantic push to Brace For Life, Bracelets our dream project of every child with disabilities who cannot communicate, to have a Identity Bracelet for free.

We can make DODGE Eye Balls one of the most meaningful, impactful and highly regarded games on the market. To make sure everyone can learn about Charles and his infectious personality, we would like to have the game completely coded for Android, Kindle and Windows devices (this would be a major stretch goal).

Here’s a handy chart of the current version and what we are proposing for DODGE Eye Balls upgrade:

Current to Upgrade
Current to Upgrade
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