Documentary Series/A Paranormal Community Project
Documentary Series/A Paranormal Community Project

This project has already launched.

P.I.O.T. is seeking pledges for a team effort & documentary from awesome people like you! All proceeds will be directed towards equipment, promotional campaigns, travel expenses, support our efforts to aid those in need of help from paranormal related occurrences, produce our documentary series properly, etc. P.I.O.T. Paranormal is a honest & professional team that helps those in need from paranormal oppression.

In detail of our goal; all proceeds will fund our efforts in traveling to new states (locations) in order to help a larger group of people dealing with paranormal oppression. We will also be documenting our travels & investigations (with given permission by our clients) to upload to our YouTube channel & our official website. Along with our travels we will be presenting informative seminars explaining the paranormal & it's dangers, our team, & evidence we've documented. We will be documenting & uploading these as well.

New equipment is another goal for our campaign, so that we may bring better results to our viewers & to document more compelling evidence. The more equipment we have the better chance we'll have at capturing real paranormal activity & more of it. We hope you consider our proposal & are able to contribute to our campaign. We as a team & as individuals promise you that we will deliver honest & bold results.

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