Inspired by Pippa's gift to William and Kate you can have your own baby's hands and feet cast out of a precious metal of your choice!

With "Gift Like a Prince" you Have a Way to Preserve in Time the In-Prints of a Loved one, or your Puppy’s paw Print, replicating their Shape, Dimensions and Natural feel by Means of a Molding Process.

Behind "GIFT LIKE A PRINCE" we have Paola and Max that launched some Jewel Prototypes called "Les Liaisons" - five years ago. Paola is a Metal artist Trained in the Italian Metalwork Tradition and Max the Creative Director and its Product Manager. The Method used is Lost Wax Casting, a Centuries Old Traditional Technique, revisited by the Artist for this Specific Application.

Every jewel will tell the unique tale of a cherished memory.

"GIFT LIKE PRINCE" offers five options for the mold:

HAND print,

FOOT print,

MOUTH print

FINGER print,

PUPPY / PET PAW print,

all available in bronze or silver 925.

The metals will be guaranteed and certified and every jewel will be engraved with the name of the print maker, the date of mold making and the silver 925 stamp guarantee.

All jewels can be worn as necklace pendants or as bracelet charms and will be accessorized with either a tissue/velvet ribbon or a leather or fabric chord. 


If the fundraising campaign is successful, Creativity Farm Uk will send each backer a kit containing non-toxic molding material (normally used by dentists) and instructions on how to make a mold of the foot or the hand of your child or of the paw print of your pet or of a finger print of your loved one (take a look on the video presentation to see how it is easy to make that). The kit with your mold will be mailed by you back to Creativity Farm Uk in London where it will be prepared for casting which will then be carried out by Paola in Valenza, Italy’s renowned jewelery making capital.

At this point the jewel will be finished by the artist who will use her creative talent to make the piece a truly unique work of art and sent back to you.

MOLD SIZES: please measure carefully the size of the "subject" you want to print (hand, feet, finger, puppy paw print..)

CATEGORY#0 - hand finger ring, made to your own ring size.

CATEGORY#1 -Baby hand or foot print, or puppy / pet paw print, size between 6cm to 10cm (approximately from 1.5" to 3.25").

CATEGORY#2 -Baby hand or foot print, or puppy / pet paw print,size between 11cm to14cm (approximately from  3.5" to 4.75")

CATEGORY#3 - Baby hand or foot print, puppy / pet paw print,size between 15 cm to 17cm (approximately from  4.75" to 6.25")

Each of the options will be priced according to the metal of choice.

In bronze:



With £80 ($..) contribution: n.1 ring in bronze made with your name - up to eight letters - see the following product picture CATEGORY#0. For silver there is an additional £40 ($...) charge. Made to your own ring size.

With a £350 ($...) contribution: n.1 hand, foot or puppy print , finger print in bronze in the CATEGORY#1. For silver there is an additional £280 ($...) charge. Necklace and bracelet accessories included.  

With a £450 ($...) contribution: n.1 hand, foot or puppy print in bronze in the CATEGORY#2. For silver there is an additional £380 ($...) charge. Necklace and bracelet accessories included.  

With a £550 ($...) contribution: n.1 hand, foot or puppy print in bronze in the CATEGORY#3. For silver there is an additional £480 ($...) charge. Necklace and bracelet accessories included.

Paola Aversa, the Italian artist behind this project.

A multi media artist educated at the Accademia d’Arte, Paola is well versed in painting, sculpture, set design and music. In her career she has collaborated as jewel designer at Binda Group working on the Breil Stones, Folie Folie, Reminaissance, Athena Gioielli collections. She has been been a student of Carlo Negri, designer and metal smith in a well known jewelry atelier in via Montenapoleone in Milan. Her work has been published by Luxury, Gulliver and Vogue magazines.

Paola teaches history of art, design and photography. Her children, Mariablu and Giacomo are her constant source of inspiration.

Paola lives between Milan, London and Paris. Her studio is in the Chinatown section in Milan. 

MAX and LUCA are the “GIFT LIKE A PRINCE” Product and Project Managers. Max and Paola founded Les Liasons in 2009.

WEBSITE , 2009


Become a backer of this project and you will receive a kit containing the molding clay, a hardening agent and detailed instructions. To undestand the process please watch the presentation video.

Send your mold to CREATIVITY FARM UK and we will send you back your unique "GIFT LIKE A PRINCE" by Les Liasons Jewelry.

 Why are we asking for 6.000,00 sterlins?

We need to preorder the precious metals, to prepare all boxes with instructions, bi-component molds and make some more jewels to show you. Any leftover funds will be invested in further jewels design and development.


When we successfully reach our goal and the necessary preordered metal and accessories are delivered we will immediatly begin preproduction; we will send "PRINTING BOXES" to all backers and this procedure will take 2-3 weeks giving to each of you the necessary time to make your mold and ship back to us. Paola will takes approximatly 2 months to prepare all "gifts" and return back to you.

SHIPPING: please take a look on the rewards.

We will launch the campaign on KICKSTARTER in September 2014.

Please became a "GIFT LIKE A PRINCE" Prefundia follower, we will update you soon.

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