DNCR! The app to connect Studios and Dancers
DNCR! The app to connect Studios and Dancers

This project has already launched.


The App for Dance Schools and Dancers.

Networking, Resources and Communication - all in 1 App!

Seeing a need to encourage Dancers to rehearse at home, and while not everyone has access to platforms such as Facebook or YouTube, DNCR! has been developed to cover this plus more!

Students are able to: ask questions, access rehearsal videos and music, get up to date ping notifications for any urgent last minute changes and be able to chat to other students in the school to ask for help in remembering steps or words for songs, challenge them to a dance off (which they can film and upload) all while in a safe and secure environment moderated by the Studio Dance Principal and our DNCR! App Administration Team of Professionals in Childrens Care Services. 

The prototype is completed and now its about refining, getting the final design professionally completed, paying licensing rights to music and then advertising, doing a visit and seminars for educating teachers on the advantages and how to simply use the system backend to update their page! All up after budgeting, we should have all systems in place and ready for purchase online by end JAN 2017 - Just in time for the beginning of Dance School classes here in Australia

Once we have 6 months of guiding the app out slowly and correcting any final updates - we will be ready to look overseas! But... tiny tot tap steps first!

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