DJ Dirty Brown
DJ Dirty Brown

After a long wait, finally DJ Dirty Brown is now LIVE on Indiegogo. DJ Dirty Brown is a 13 issue comic about a hot, sexy and beauty with brain young blooded opera star in her early 20’s. The musical adventure contains elements of contemporary dance club music, African folklore, suspense, investigation, magic, love, and humor. The comic is now live on Indiegogo making available to everyone and also to reach people around the world. The comic target audience is teenagers, as well as adults who are young at heart.

DJ Dirty Brown is a famous Afro-American rock star in her early 20’s who is also known for producing amazing remix music in her town. She was independent and has the power to make the crowd dance on the floor with her remix and unique notes. Dirty live in a cement truck that was fully furnished as a home as well as a recording studio. The comic includes various scenes and locations with a mixture of funny and impressive dialog s that will make anyone laugh, making interest to read it.

DJ Dirty Brown was blessed with a marvelous green sparkling stone that she usually wears around her neck. The stone was given by a black trumpet, Shaman that was infused with an unusual and marvelous African accent and jungle rhythms as a plan to preserve African music heritage. But Dirty was unaware about the magical power of the stone which help her in producing amazing and melodious music for her loving crowd.

When Dirty ex-boyfriend, Doe Joe came to know about the magic in that stone, he stole the stone. After losing the stone, Dirty start losing her ability to create new music and finally she realized the power of the green stone. After facing lots of difficulty, Dirty successfully retrieves the magical stone, but the stone had already lost its maximum power.

At the end, Dirty got the stone purified, but she decided not to depend on the magic stone. After lots of hard work, Dirty learned to play the rhythms of her own and passes the green stone to the next link in the chain to spread the African music everywhere. Dirty Brown finally understands Shaman word: “Listen to yourself, the sounds will lead you”.

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