"DJ Dirty Brown" Comic Series

While reading any book or comic, we are always eager to search and to know what’s new and how much classic is in this new comic.  I believe people will take interest to read and enjoy the story which is fulfilled Mystery of a magical stone and funny dialogues.


This comic story is about a hottest, sexy and beauty with brain young blooded opera star who was the queen of magical rhythms and music that makes whole town people to dance on her recordings in the early 20s.  Now you must be thinking about that what is the sci-fi in the story?  So I am here to tell you about my new exotic story.

The Dirty Brown is an interesting Afro-American character as she was independent and has the power to make crowd dance on the floor with her remix and unique notes.  She loves to travel into a cement truck that was fully furnished into her home as well as a recording atelier.  She was blessed with a marvelous green sparkling stone that she usually wears around her neck that was given by a black trumpet player named Shaman.

The green stone was infused with an unusual and marvelous African accent of sounds and jungle music rhythms that help Opera star Dirty Brown to compose remix rap for her loving crowd. Unfortunately, the stone was stolen by his violent devil ex-boyfriend, Doe Joe after knowing a little bit about the magic in that ancient stone and then Dirty Brown started losing her ability to create new music and she realized the power of that green stone.

The stone lost its maximum power.  Now, Dirty Brown wants her stone back to get her old life again and to purify that stone again.  Then a dreadful clash begins between Doe Joe and Dirty Brown, and to win it, she took help of her old friends that where the new characters in the story such as crabbed geology student, Schuster, Margaret, her beautiful best friend who  heartily loves Mitch the Android Q, Dirty’s swindler  and ingenious Assistant, Dr.Mendelbaum, a music advisor.

Finally, she retrieves her miraculous stone back and with entire magical powers.  In the end, she wore again in her neck and again became the queen of opera of her town.

And at last, this story came to an end, hope everyone would like and enjoy to read this story.  I am sure that you will love to read this comic as much as I do, so get it right now and read this adventurous journey and join Dirty Brown and her magical stone folk tale.

Read More at bit.ly/1PkhjVM.

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