DJ Dirty Brown – Comic Series Of A Magical Girl With Magical Stone
DJ Dirty Brown – Comic Series Of A Magical Girl With Magical Stone

DJ Dirty Brown is a 13 issue comic series that is all about a magical girl who is a DJ in a town. This comic series is for allteenagers, as well as adults who are young at heart. This musical adventure contains elements of contemporary dance club music, suspense, investigation, African folklore, time travel, computerized virtual worlds, magic, love and humor.

 This is the story of Dirty Brown, a woman of mixed race (African-American/Caucasian) in her early 20s, who is one of the hottest DJs in town. She is sexy, sharp and bursting with charisma — a club queen who drives around the city in a cement truck she has modified to serve as both home and recording studio. This is also the story of an ancient, magical green stone, Dirty’s inspiration, which she wears around her neck.  At first, Dirty does not know that the stone, which was given to her by a black trumpet player, was imbued by a shaman with jungle sounds and African rhythms as part of a plan to preserve African musical heritage.

 When the stone is stolen by Dirty’s ex-boyfriend, the villainous DoeJoe, Dirty begins losing her confidence and her talents as a DJ. After overcoming many obstacles, Dirty retrieves the stone, only to find out that it has been exposed to evil spirits and must be purified in order to restore its lost powers.

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