diWatch: Drowning Interactive Surveillance System
diWatch: Drowning Interactive Surveillance System

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We all know that, unfortunately, a pool can be really dangerous for the most vulnerable. Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death, after traffic accidents, in people under 19 years of age. According to the W.H.O., it is estimated that 372,000 people die every year from drowning. But for now, human surveillance is the only effective cause of prevention. HERE IS WHERE DI-WATCH COMES INTO PLAY! Our first observation was that human surveillance is, mainly, the first and most effective prevention measure, but unfortunately it is not foolproof. So, we started to think. Who helps the watcher? A different eye to look and a different brain to think, taken to the field of new technologies, would give us a camera watching our pool and software processing every image 24/7. That would immediately alert us to any possible incident and that would allow us to act in time. Our project consists of an interactive surveillance system to prevent drowning!

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ABOUT THIS PROJECT diWatch is an innovative system of prevention of drowning in pools, which through a powerful computer application using a DIY KIT composed of one or several domestic cameras that are installed in the pool, allows to detect a possible drowning inside the pool by processing images on a powerful server in the cloud and using the WIFI network of housing, hotel or public space. The product, of affordable cost, does not need any other hardware and can be powered by solar energy. It has software that, through analysis of body and water behavior , detects when there is a possibility of drowning. At the minimum sign detected, diWatch sends an alarm to the cell phone or Tablet programmed as well as to a house alarm. The kit is self-installable and its configuration is very simple through the use of an APP and a wizard, once installed it is compatible with the Home Kit technology of IOS and Android. diWatch allows increasing safety in any type of swimming pool, providing absolute peace of mind to the swimmers and their families. The system is designed to prevent drownings, alerting by the use of alarms of any type of suspicious behavior, monitoring individually each of the swimmers that is in or at the edge of the pool. By simply downloading the diWatch App on your iPhone or Android device and with a simple installation of an alarm and a standard solar camera, placed in the recommended location, the system provides the necessary kit to prevent our loved ones from any potential drowning. diWatch provides three different early alerts: • Person falls into a pool, • Suspicious movements of drowning • Excessive time of immersion.  It also notifies us if one of our pets falls accidentally into the pool or if any unauthorized person enters the area.



diWatch is designed to prevent drowning in swimming pools of any kind, but most of all it is aimed at all those who own a house with a swimming pool, whatever the size is. It is clear that the swimming pool is a fantastic place to have a good time, we can swim and relax, children can play and have fun ... We use them with our families, neighbors and friends and we love it. But the swimming pools in our homes do not have a lifeguard and there is always the possibility of an accident, if someone is alone or there is no surveillance.  

With diWatch there is a 24/7 surveillance on the pool and possible incidents that may occur, both in outdoor and indoor pools.  

As we can imagine, most of the accidents are suffered by children and every parent would like our children to play in the pool without risk and without permanent vigilance on our part.  

diWatch detects any possible drowning in our pool, sounds an alarm and sends us an alert to our mobile phone.  

It can also prevent unwanted accidents or incidents with pets or other animals. diWatch is also recommended for public pools, even if they have a lifeguard. And the hotels will find many advantages in our system , both to avoid incursions outside the swim hours and to reinforce the surveillance in pools crowded in summer.  

Enjoy your swimming pool and your family, without worries. Use diWatch

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The camera records video constantly when they detect movement or activity in the pool. This video is sent in compressed format, in real time, to a data processing center, after authentication. 

In this center, consisting of several virtualized servers and other components of security electronics and communications, among others. Inside lies the software responsible for the analysis of images sent by cameras. A specifically designed high-performance software and a complex algorithm of identification of Color maps. All this allows to identify human bodies, creating temporary numerical identities, analyzes their movements, displacements and behaviors. 

At the time a critical situation is detected, the alert system is processed by sending notifications to one or more registered user's devices and  if the physical alarm is available, it will be activated and will sound until it is manually or automatically disconnected for a certain time.

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We want to give you more information about one of the most important subjects of this Project: Your Privacy. This is a very important topic when we talk about images and video recordings of our family and friends being taken by a camera. The total privacy that any diWatch user enjoys is based on two basic points.  

  • diWatch can be easily disconnected with your APP when needed. If we want to enjoy a moment of total privacy in our pool, all we have to do is turn off the "surveillance" mode with our APP and the camera will stop recording.  
  • First the images that the camera captures for its processing and analysis, are never stored anywhere or any moment. These images are processed to detect possible drownings and are immediately eliminated. It is impossible for anyone, from our company or anyone else, to access to those footages or pictures.  

There is no chance that a video or image of our family ends up in any unwanted site, as they automatically vanish once they are processed.


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We've now finalized our diWatch prototype, but moving to the production phase requires significant capital and scale. We need your help to finance two different things: a) the required tooling and meet minimum order quantities and b) lab required certificates . We've spent months and months working out the tiniest and biggest details of this project, and we are very excited about finally having the opportunity to bring the security and safety to your pool.


We’re confident you’ll like it. So we’re offering you a 30-day full money back guarantee, no questions asked! Why are we so confident? Because it really works and we know it. 

Secondly, this isn’t our first project, so we know what to expect with sales, shipping, delivery and every other step of the process. No-questions-asked returns. We know that self-improvement sometimes requires a bit of a push.

So this is yours. Invest in yourself, try it, and see how it improves your life. Or you get your money back. See? No more excuses.


Every summer the news about people drowned in swimming pools are an irreparable misfortune for thousands of families. We can prevent and reduce these accidents with this new system. 

And you can help us!!! The future of diWatch is in your hands, we have had a very exciting year and personal growth for the whole team and we are very close to see our dream become true.  

You can be part of a project that will make a better world, a safer world. DiWatch will allow many parents to be confident in their pools, and when these terrible statistics will improve year by year, you will be able to say “Hey. I had something to do with that” We count on you, if you have a pool, do not risk it. Join our team.


What are we going to do with our backers’ investment? Once our prototype is real and tested we have to take the next step in this amazing project. We want to tell you everything about what are we going to do as we get your support:  

  • Produce the diWatch Kit Massively: Our kit manufacturer in Spain is ready to receive and ensemble all the Kit components and deliver them all over the globe. We cannot purchase all the components needed for all the diwatch we want to sell without your funding.
  • The software that manages diWatch must be improved and get ready for an considerable increase of users. We also must improve our servers and hardware in order to respond properly to any demand the platform could need.  
  • A very important issue is always the security involving diWatch.


 1. Sergio Marco - CEO

A computer obsessive visionary that has driven dozens of projects over the last 20 years. In love with new technologies and innovating projects, he came up with the diWatch idea when he realized that his twins required constant surveillance in a friend’s pool . Tenacious and constant, he will not stop until diWatch is available to anyone who has a pool

2. Antonio Peirat - CTO

Systems administrator. IOS & Android Developer Antonio is "the machine" of our work team, the computer guru we all resort when a problem is impossible to solve. The first time he saw a computer, he knew that that, would be his life. 20 years later he has been part of many innovating projects. He is passionate about nature, likes to take care of his garden and his trees and plants, he loves sharing time with his pets and listen to Queen music while discovering any technological innovation that the market offers.

3. José Luis Galindo - Project Manager

More than 10 years leading projects of technological innovation, managing the complete lifecycle of Software development, from requirements, feasibility study, software architecture design, solution construction, to implementation, testing and maintenance. 

"Always searching for optimal solutions to specific problems"

4. Laura Soro - Project Manager

Senior Computer Applications Development. Responsible for project execution. In charge of a team of up to 25 employees. Client requirements, analysis and functional design of applications with multilayer architecture, database modeling, elaboration and execution of test plans, functional and technical documentation and customer training in several multidisciplinary projects. Responsible and creative. 

"I like all kinds of outdoor activities. In a few months I'll be a mom and diWatch will be the perfect tool to have peace of mind when my baby is in the pool”

5. José Manuel Gracia - Senior developer 

More than 10 years of experience in the development of cross-platform applications. My work is mainly research and development (R & D) functions: analysis, design, production and verification of software products.  

"I love learning new things day after day, working as a team, with analytical skills and ability to solve problems no matter what. In my free time I like to read, go for a walk in the countryside and take a breath"

6. Saul Andrés - Sales and Marketing Manager 

MBA in Bussiness Administration. Passionate about cinema and basketball. 

"I have always been interested in technology, but now that I work in this world, I love it.I have four children, and a pool, I wish DiWatch existed when they were younger"

7. David Mrnustik - UI Front-End Developer  

Designer and layout designer, leads and coordinates prototypes of the user interface. I am Passionate about hiking, technology and music. I live in a condo with a pool. 

"I love the idea, a lot of kids come to our pool to play and if something happens, DI Watch will notify their parents, it's super useful."

8. Carlos Sancho - Backend y Frontend Junior Developer.  

Senior Web Applications Technician. Analyst and developer of multiple projects for web platforms in different languages: PHP 4/5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery ... with MySQL and Oracle database systems. Development of integration systems with third parties: distribution channels, data sources, payment gateways etc. Development and implementation of complete electronic commerce systems. Passionate about innovation and challenging projects.  

"In my free time I like to go for a walk or enjoy a good football game."

9. Carlos Pola - Creative  

Graphic Designer Brand design and graphic elements developer for software companies. Interface designer for Desktop and mobile devices. Development of storyboards, wireframes and UX / UI prototypes Front End Developer (HTML5 + CSS3 + jQuery).  

 "Minimalist and meticulous"

10. Arturo Soto - Backend & Frontend Junior Developer  

Developer and computer systems and networks expert . Senior web application development technician. Specialist in web application development in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, Ajax, CSS ... Database modeling for MysQL and Oracle. Support and training for customers.  

"I like to enjoy the outdoors and the feeling of freedom"

11. David Villanueva - Web Analyst.  

Technical Engineer in Computer Management. Leader of the online marketing department of diWatch. Participating in this project is a challenge for me and a unique opportunity in my career, since it is a project that unveils a need that must be covered. For an expert in Marketing, there is nothing as exciting as participating from the very begenning in a project where you believe 100%. Restless and obsessed by data.  

 "I love sports, as long as the comfort of the sofa allows me to practice them. Proud father of a little girl, and for that reason, I consider essential that diWatch reach its goal”

12. Adrián Gómez - Senior Developer  

Senior technician in computer application development.  Wide experience developing applications of any kind with different technologies. I love all kind of sports.  

"I am a critical, analytical and resolutive person. I like to solve problems and provide better solutions. "

13. Luis Miguel Badia - Backend y Frontend Junior Developer  

Senior technician in Web applications development. Implementation of applications for ad-hoc multiplatform development, design of web pages in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Management and administration of relational databases. Development and maintenance of websites through CMS systems for content management of websites such as Joomla, WordPress or Drupal.  

 "I like going out with my friends and ride my motorcycle."

14. Lucas López - Industrial organization engineer

I'm an industrial organization engineer, I love discovering how new technologies work, how to do things more efficient and getting to know other cultures. I'm also interested in permaculture and psychology










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