Discov3ry Extruder: Expand your 3D printer to print a new world of materials

June 2014, $200 - 350

We're creating an add-on extruder to enable almost any desktop 3D printer to print a whole new range of paste-like materials. Home based 3D printing is currently limited to printing plastics that are brittle, costly and you can't even eat them!

We unveiled our product as a Startup Sponsor at the 2014 Bay Area Maker Faire.

Maker Faire Bay Area

With our technology you can get more fun, more use, and more mileage out of the 3D printer you already own. Discover the possibilities of printing with pastes including:


Icing Sugar


Wood Filler

We've also printed ceramic, clay and polyurethane!  We can't wait to get our products into the hands of makers and designers to see what they can do. 

Some possible applications include:

- Flexible silicone bracelets and other jewelry

- Soluble molds and supports made with icing sugar

- Cake decorations

- Gaskets and o-rings

- Pottery

- Many things we haven't yet thought of!

Giga Om even wrote about us a few months ago!  

Please sign up to find out when we launch our campaign, and we'd love to get feedback and suggestions as we go!



It's launched.

Follow the link to back the project!

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