Dinwiddie's Bakery
Dinwiddie's Bakery

A HEALTHIER alternative than the Fast Food Places. Scotland and England have been healthy for milennia. Why? Their food is not processed, has much less or healthier fats and less sugar. The food truck will serve traditional healthy foods in the authentic British style. 

Emily has over 25 years of baking and cooking experience in Scottish and English recipes.

The funds raised here will be put toward the purchase, licensing, registration,  inspection and permitting of Dinwiddie's Scottish Food Truck. 

The Food Truck will sell: Scottish meat pies, Scotch eggs, Proper chips(fries) and Scottish & English pastries and other items to come.

Risks and challenges- No risks, no one in the region makes Proper Scottish & English baked goods. Grocery stores and other bakeries nearby do American recipes only.

All those who donate funding will be named on the Wall of Fame on the outside of the truck itself.

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