Dinosaur Fossils
Dinosaur Fossils

As Dinosaurs became extinct long before humans were around, Fossils and modern science have helped us learn a lot about the extinct Dinosaurs. Among various dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex commonly known as T.Rex is possibly the most well known dinosaur because of its huge size. If you are interested in having your own Dinosaur fossils at your home, office, etc., then you have come to the right place. Our mission is to provide high quality dinosaur fossils for everyone.

Peregrine360 is a small team working in the field of high quality 3D design and looking to design the technology of the future. One of the main things we are passionate about is dinosaurs, but none of us had found any affordable models that remotely resembled the real skeletons we find at museums.

What inspired us to develop this Product-

With the combination of dissatisfaction and passion for dinosaurs, we have decided to find out how good a T.Rex of our own creation would look like. So we spent some time on dinosaur model, testing out our software and equipment to a whole new level.

Fossils at the museums can be seen but we cannot examine them and due to its rare availability and costly price we cannot buy a real fossil. Most of the museums store fossils replicas so that the original can be protected as they are too fragile and heavy to safely transport.

What are Fossils Replicas?

Replicas are cast or molds that are made to look as close as actual fossils. The replicas are made so that the actual fossils can be protected as the actual fossils are too rare. While you are going to museums or looking at fossils, you may be looking at real fossils or replicas. Some people think its fake, but important point about replicas is that they are not fakes. The fossils may not be the original fossils, but they are not trying to mislead you. The replicas are duplicates of original fossils and in some cases, they are better than the real fossils.

There are many advantages of having replica fossils.

  • Fulfillment of wish, having a Dinosaur fossil at home.
  • No need to pay attention, no work, only normal care and will provide many years of highly conversational pleasure in any home, office or study.
  • Affordable price
  • Light Weight
  • Durable, and scientifically accurate,
  • Be a pioneer in a new and evolving community
  • Deepen your passion for Jurassic world.
  • Easy to assemble and safely packaged

Reason behind the Crowdfunding Campaign-

  • To aware audience about my innovation.
  • To raise the funds to create a collection of other dinosaurs that people are most interested in.
  • Working to design high quality models, which lack in museum stores and hobbyist shops
  • To develop interest with Jurassic world.
  • To build online community.

Most of the people study fossil treasures from books or museums, but now you can get your own fossil replicas and can learn from direct handling the fossils. For more details on Jurassic Fossils, visit http://www.jurassicreplicas.com/

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