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DINOMALS™: the action packed, mix and match, create a creature card game made by kids for kids!


Your goal: make a Dinomal! 

Dinomals are half dinosaur and half modern day animal. Get the right dinosaurs and animals and smush them together to make your Dinomal before your opponents. You can also mess with your opponents hand to stop them from building a Dinomal!

Dinomals are brand new characters that I co-created with my kids. They loved the characters so much that they demanded we make a fun game out of them made for kids by kids. So we did!

Let's fund it! We hope you love it!


Bryan (the Dad), Zavier (11), Lilia (8)!

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As mentioned above, Dinomals are half Dinosaur, half modern day animal.

There are 5 Dinomals:

Triharetops is half rabbit, half triceratops. Tough but huggable!

Stigersaurus is half stegosaurus, half tiger. One sharp dressed cat!

Apatosauraffe is half giraffe, half apatosaurus. Quiet but friendly!

Raptoricorn is half velociraptor, half unicorn. Unique and fierce!

Penguinosaurus Rex is half tyrannosaurus rex, half penguin. Surf and Turf!


Let's talk about the game! It's for 2-6 players. The deck consists of 109 cards. There are 4 different kinds of cards: Dinomals, Dinosaurs, Animals and Slam cards. 

Players draw a card at the beginning of their turn and can play as many cards as they want, ending their turn when they're. Or hit a disaster card. Or a win the game!

To win the game, you must make a hand containing a dinosaur, its animal partner, a smush card (to mix up the genetic soup), and the Dinomal card.

So for example, you'd need the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Penguin, Smush card and the Penguinosaurus Rex card to win the game.

Building any 1 of the 5 Dinomals wins the game. Sounds straightforward! And it is. But then there's a bunch of action cards, that we call SLAM cards. This stops your opponents from making a Dinomal. You can: steal, switch, skip, snag, shuffle, swap, stop, swipe. 

Players with any Dinomal card can call "dibs" which means no other player can make the same Dinomal during that game. The player who calls "dibs" must make that Dinomal.

There are also 2 really bad cards to get: smash and stuck, which can cause you to lose your turn or force you to draw an entirely new hand (and cancel your "dibs").

You can also make the game harder by playing for second or third place, or by seeing who can build the most DINOMALS.

Here's a quick 30 second game runthrough:

Here's Zavier with a sample game:

This is going to look great, especially since we're using PRINTNINJA to print this. So far, they've impressed us with their fast service, great estimates, and glorious samples.

Check them out!



Support! $1. We're new. You've never heard of us, but you love the idea and my kids are cute. $1 says "DO IT!"

Dinomal Digital Wallpapers- $5
These are fun characters! And we have a ton of great images that can be used as digital wallpaper for your digital world. Have at it!


Game Digital Download- $10
This is a card game, so we'll make it easy for you to try it out. You can download the entire deck and rules, print it out, cut them up and play play play!

Card game Physical Early Bird special- $12 + $5 s/h (First 20 backers only) 

Be one of the first to support us, and get a special early bird box for $12. This includes the deck and rules in a pocket sized box. Digital wallpaper and game download included.

Card Game - $17 + $5 s/h
Did you snooze on the Early Bird? Well, then you can still support us, and get the game with the deck and rules in a pocket sized box. Digital wallpaper and game download included. Add $20 for every additional deck you wish to purchase (additional s/h will apply)



Card game + custom Dinomal drawing- $30 + $5 s/h (30 backers only) 

Listen, Dinomals are gonna be big someday. Imagine if you had an original drawing from the first Kickstarter? Not even Steven Spielberg will have that, and he's gonna direct the first Dinomals movie! Probably. So for $35, you get the game AND a one of a kind 5x7 drawing of the Dinomal of your choice! Digital wallpaper and game download included.


This one gets you the game, and your name in the credits. This will accompany the game somehow. Do it because you love us and want to give us extra funds, not for the fame. But get the fame too. Physical box, digital wallpaper and game download included.

Same as a Sponsor, but you give us more money, because you love us even more than Sponsors. Physical box, digital wallpaper and game download included.

Ok. This one is weird. Do you want to be a Dinomal? Or your kid? Or a pet? Well, for this kind of cabbage, we'll make you the Dinomal of your dreams. You choose the Dino or Animal, and we'll make it happen. You'll also get the physical game, digital wallpaper, and download, AND we'll put your original character on a T-shirt, notebook, and give you the digital files to use however you want. IT'S CRAZY.


WHAT IF we exceed our expectations, and people really like this game and we get enough backers? Well, we have an option that involves a cute game board, game pieces and a bigger box. But thats only if we print enough to make it cost effective. It could look like this!


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