What are DINOMALS™? 


It's a kids line of characters co-created
with my 11 year old son and 8 year old daughter. 

Both of them are into Pokemon, and comics,
and all sorts of characters. 

Here's my daughter explaining:

The premise: half dinosaurs and half modern day animals.

All with juvenile fun wordplay: Dinomals!

Triharetops is half rabbit, half triceratops.


Stigersaurus is half stegosaurus, half tiger.



Apatosauraffe is half giraffe, half apatosaurus.



Raptoricorn is half velociraptor, half Unicorn.


and Penguinosaurus Rex is half Tyrannosaurus Rex, half penguin.



We're eventually doing a book series, plushes, toys. 


But right now, we're focusing on clothing sold at Dinomals.com,

and our first KICKSTARTER- the Dinomals Card Game


Since we're new, we're starting small with a card game in a regular card box,

but if the Kickstarter goes well, a stretch goal is to create a full board game.

All of the game is designed, finished and estimated!

We just need your help funding it! 

So, follow at our pages below, and let's get funding!

Kickstarter to begin around September 8, 2017!


Follow on Twitter at @dinomals

Instagram at @dinomals

Facebook page: Facebook.com/thedinomals

Redbubble page: Dinomals.com

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